4 Interview Tips to Secure a Receptionist Job at a Dental Clinic

Looking to work as a receptionist at a dental clinic? If so, it’s good to know that working the front desk involves more than being there to answer any questions patients may have. It is all about doing whatever it takes to put the patients at ease while carrying out other activities that need to be done in a dental clinic. Simply put, a front desk job is not as easy as you might realise. However, it is still an excellent job, not to mention a vital part of a dental clinic.

If you are interested in securing a receptionist job at a dental office, it is vital you know what to do during the interview. It is this phase that can make or break your chances, and we are going to share with you some tips you can follow to maximize your chances of success!

1. Talk about your dental hygiene

You cannot be a good dentist if you cannot even care for your own teeth! This is an important topic to talk about in your interview, outlining your commitment to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and healthy set of teeth. As a receptionist, this also gets quite important. Smiling with beautiful teeth gives patients the confidence that the dental clinic is highly reliable and professional. In maintaining your own oral health, you help the clinic maintain a good reputation. Plus, arriving at the interview with good-looking teeth gives the interviewer a great impression of you.

2. Be meticulous with your answers

With whatever answers you provide, share the necessary details needed to be a little more meticulous. For example, if the interviewer asks you how you have handled past patient information to keep them confidential, be detailed with your answers and give examples wherever possible. This gives the interviewer the sense that you know exactly what you are doing, that you are paying close attention to the details to do things right. Remember, if you cannot do the small things, you will never be able to do bigger things.

3. Always provide concrete examples

Along with meticulous answers, you should also provide concrete examples of your activities. For example, if asked about how you have handled patients that are a little aggressive, you can talk about exactly what you did to calm them down. As a receptionist, your job is to keep your patients as calm as possible, and such examples will solidify the interviewer’s thoughts about your ability to handle stressful events.

4. Ask the interviewer a set of questions

When you ask your interviewer a set of questions, you prove to them that you have done some homework, which is always a plus. You can ask things like what types of technology they use to carry out their services, or even sedation techniques they employ. Do note that you should not be asking too many questions or questions you could have answered yourself by looking at their website. Not only will it take up too much of their time, but it might also indicate to them that you have no idea about the practice prior to the interview.


Being thoroughly prepared for an interviewer for the position as a dental clinic receptionist will give you the highest chances of success. Remember—working the front desk can be tough. You will be expected to juggle a number of activities with trying to keep patients calm and happy throughout their visit. You will face challenges, but if you are the type who loves to work with other people and offer them a pleasant experience, the front desk job might just be the perfect job for you.

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