5 Reasons People Are Not Applying to Your Dental Practice

Hiring the best professionals is important, but finding the right applicants might be easier said than done. There may be times when you encounter slumps in the number of applications that come through.

Many factors can affect a job seeker’s decision about applying to a job. Understanding these factors can give you a clear picture of the situation. It might also help you create a way to address these issues. Here are nine of the common problems why people are not applying for employment at your practice.

The job market for dental professionals is extremely tight

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals and government offices are hiring medical professionals to aid in the fight against the virus. As more institutions employ medical professionals, the more cutthroat the hiring process becomes. The job market, to say the least, has become unpredictable and competitive.

If you aren’t getting a lot of applications, you need to offer something unique. Think about motivating your current employees to recommend their friends or family to your company. Give them an incentive for every person recruited and hired. Allow them to promote your company too.

You have a disorganised recruitment process

Applicants don’t like it when recruiters are rude, unresponsive, or disorganised. Unscrupulous recruiters represent a company, so this may sway your applicants from applying. Be prompt, responsive, honest, polite, and professional. Give them a step-by-step process of the application and inform them of each stage so they can prepare themselves appropriately.

You don’t stand out

It’s not just applicants who are competing for jobs. You are also competing against other institutions for the best people. That’s why you need to stand out from the rest. Provide details about your practice and why it’s a great place to work.

Start with editing your website and asking for reviews from your employees. List the benefits of working with the company, such as holiday and medical benefits.  Highlight the perks that set your practice apart. Think about what they can personally and professionally achieve while staying with the company. These things can impact their decision to apply.

Don’t forget to showcase your core values. You may also share added benefits, such as training, continued education, and travel incentives. The more you share about these things, the higher your chances that applicants will choose you.

You don’t use relevant keywords

Keywords are important to help job hunters find your opening. Whenever they search for a term, only job listings that use those terms will appear in the results. Examine the keywords you used on your job postings to see if people looking for employment can find them. Don’t forget to make use of the right language, especially in the job description.

Your screening process is not diverse enough

There’s nothing wrong with hiring employees who are younger or of different races.  It just shows that you are open to other ethnicities, genders, or races. After all, talent and skill can take many forms. Why should it matter if they come from a different country, culture, or creed?

Final Thoughts

Getting the right person for the job is a significant investment for your organisation. Understanding why you are not attracting job seekers can improve your recruitment process—and, therefore, your business. You can do this by making your benefits more competitive, by using the right language in your keywords, and being open to diversity in the workplace.

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