Dental Talent – 3 Career Advancement Tips for Dental Hygienists – Our Guide

Being a dental hygienist is no easy feat since you have to undergo dentistry college, exams, and work to gain experience. But once you get to a certain level, it can be worthwhile. The important thing is you don’t stop working on your career development since you may become complacent with your job. So how exactly do you become a better dental professional?

This article will discuss three tips to help you advance your career to seek out new opportunities and make the most out of your skills and expertise. Take this as a starting point to enjoy new achievements, meet new people, and get to a point where you feel more established and confident with your profession.

Develop your soft skills

As a dental hygienist, your main goal is to keep your patients healthy and cared for, ensuring quality service. While you may have the knowledge needed to address oral health issues, you may need other skills to provide the best services for your patients. That’s where soft skills, like communication and flexibility, come in.

Even if you may have only heard about soft skills now, it’s not something foreign to you. In fact, you may just have to work on them in context to your day-to-day operations as a dental hygienist. For instance, you can talk more during consultations and be more conscious about the time.

The best way to enhance different soft skills is to incorporate them into your job. This way, you can become more career-oriented and driven to better yourself. It ensures you have a renewed passion for what you do, even during the most stressful days.

Pursue further education

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You may think that you are no longer obligated to seek further education because you finished dental college. However, later down the road, you may find a job that still falls in the field of dentistry but concerns other fields.

For example, you may want to be a dental hygienist for impoverished communities in other countries. You may encounter something you aren’t ready for, like language barriers and cultural differences.

Looking into further education opportunities is your chance to be more equipped for different situations in your profession. You just have to be open to various disciplines and study hard. This way, you can do something you love while learning new things.

Consider other dentistry jobs

It’s fairly easy to settle into your comfort zone at your current place of employment as a dental hygienist. You may be satisfied with the salary and employee benefits and enjoy working with your colleagues. The danger is that you can lose your passion for your work, especially if you keep doing the same routine over and over without any career advancement.

Applying for another job may be a move you need to take, even if there are possible risks. The point is you may have to get into something more challenging. You can also request an assessment if you are ready for a promotion and open a clinic if you have the resources. Quit being satisfied with jobs that get you by; look for positions that enable you to become a better professional. 


Your career advancement is important as a dental hygienist. It exposes you to more fulfilling opportunities and like-minded people. You just have to consider all the previously mentioned tips to widen your options. Make your next career move today!

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