Dental Talent – 3 Tips That Every Job Seeking Dental Associate Should Know

Job hunting as a dental associate is your first big step into your professional career, but you need to remember some crucial details before you commit to any job offer. You may sometimes forget all the information because it’s often confusing. Fortunately for you, we summarised them into three easy-to-remember tips.

This article will provide you with the vital tips that you need to know when you go job hunting for any dental associate job. Take this as an opportunity to take the right steps into your dentistry career and find the ideal environment for further professional growth and development.

Know the terms and condition of your dental associate agreement

Remember—as a dental associate; you are either an independent contractor or employee of the dental clinic you work for, meaning you have specific responsibilities as compared to the practice owner. Fortunately, there is a dental associate’s agreement that you can refer to where all the necessary information is stated. You can also see what you can expect from the owner to ensure that you don’t overstep any professional boundaries during working hours.

As such, take the time to read the agreement carefully once received and ask questions to ensure that you know what to do once you start working. Often, you cannot negotiate on any terms when it comes to the fine details of your agreement, but see to it that everything is reasonable and within your purview.

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Become well-oriented with the Units of Dental Activity (UDA)

Every dental associate should know what their UDA is. These are the determining factors of your income since each dental procedure has a corresponding monetary value to ensure that patients are charged fairly.

Remember—your set targets for UDA will be determined by either The Primary Care Trust or the Local Health Board to ensure professional regulation and accountability with your practice. During your interview, ask the practice for their daybook and see if you can also meet the set UDA target. That way, you can get a clear projection of your income.

Comply with the license fees and proper use of facilities

One of the most important things that you need to remember as a dental associate is you don’t own any of the facilities in your practice. You even have to pay a license fee, which will be deducted from your UDA value. The general rate for such is also quite expensive, at approximately forty to fifty per cent.

You also need to remember that your practice may also provide you access to dental nurses and reception services to ensure that you can focus on what matters: the patients. Take note, however, that your practice may have some restrictions, especially if you only work part-time. By complying with the license fees and facility guidelines, you can maintain your professional reputation as a dental associate.

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The dental associate’s career is a fulfilling path. You just need to prepare yourself by being oriented on all the necessary information before working. Fortunately, you now have the basic working knowledge you need and can continue your job hunt! Find your ideal practice today!

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