Dental Talent – 5 Steps to Writing Convincing Dentistry Job Cover Letters

While you will spend years studying to practice dental care, most universities don’t teach you how to apply for dentistry jobs. Dental practitioners can perform root canals, restore missing teeth, and perform oral surgery, but not all of them can articulate their accomplishments in a compelling manner that showcases their abilities.

The cover letter is the first encounter of an employer with an applicant. Writing a compelling cover letter can spell the difference between getting hired or losing the opportunity to someone else. When you want to write a convincing cover letter to be accepted into the dental practice of your dreams, here are several tips you might want to consider:

Keep it short

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A good cover letter is only one page long. Your message should be condensed into half of the area of the page. You should use the letter as an opportunity to introduce yourself and give the reader a reason to turn the page and browse your CV. While highlighting some experiences that make you a good candidate is encouraged, watch out for writing too much—you don’t need to include your entire life’s story in your letter.

Lengthy letters with walls of text can turn off recruiters and can cause them to make judgments about you even before you have a chance to meet. Reserve some information for the interview. The shorter the text, the higher the chances an employer or headhunter will take the time to read it.

Get to the point

The quality of your message matters just as much as the length. In a few short paragraphs, you should clue the reader on your educational background, any apprenticeship or work experience, and the strengths that will make you a desirable person to work with.

Write in a natural tone

Even if you aren’t confident about your writing skills, you need to write the letter yourself. The phrases and expressions should be ones that come naturally to you. Don’t use technical jargon in an attempt to impress the reader. Not only are the technical terms hard to understand, but they are also often unnecessary. Keep the tone conversational, yet professional.

Include references

References are useful to note in a cover letter—they add to your credibility and help the dental recruiter understand more about your experience. Mention any mentors or notable professional you worked with who can attest to your abilities. Be prepared for your future employer to verify your assertions. Give your reference a call and ask them if you may use their name in your application.

Proofread before you send

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Attention to detail and commitment to accuracy are valuable traits of employees in any profession. Re-read your letter multiple times, correct your grammar, and edit any mistakes you find. The message will be your future employer’s first impression of you, so sending a proofread letter will ensure that you make a good one.

You have worked at least six years to earn your degree, and possibly more with specialised training. You deserve to be recognised and hired based on the merits of your accomplishments. However, dental practices process thousands of job seekers across the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, many of them do not read past the cover page. Sometimes, all that may stand between you and the job you want is a concise, cleverly-written, and convincing cover letter.

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