Dental Talent – From Dental Student to Dentist – 4 Tips to Ace Your First Year

Now that you have graduated from dental school and are ready for the real world, you are probably nervous and excited at the same time about your first days as a professional. Don’t worry because it’s natural to have these feelings. Remember that a successful dentist knows how to rise above the monetary feelings of anxiousness and doubtfulness.

As you start your transition to start your dental career, here are four tips that will help you nail that first day (or the first few months) in your job:

1. Always Have a Plan

Always Have a Plan
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It is natural to feel nervous with all the dental procedures that you need to do at the early stages of your career. Remember that this feeling is natural, and there are ways to feel more confident. A fail-proof way to overcome your anxiety is to always have a plan. Make sure that you plan and prepare for the dental treatment that you will do a few days before the procedure so that you will feel confident going into it.

Review the necessary steps, read back on your past lessons about the procedure, and refresh your knowledge. The day before the procedure or on the day itself, make sure that all the pieces of equipment and materials you will need are ready so that you can avoid wasting time looking for them when the patient arrives.

2. Use Your Time Effectively

2.	Use Your Time Effectively
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A dentist’s day can be filled with several procedures and treatments, and all of them must be accomplished within the day. To prevent yourself from getting time-pressured and make use of your time well, try to do several things at once. For example, if you have a tooth extraction and you’re waiting for the anaesthesia to settle in, use the waiting time to type your notes.

Keep in mind that there are small tasks that you can do in between treatments to save time. Moreover, this will help you become quicker while still being able to deliver quality work.

3. Organise Your Day

As mentioned, a dentist’s day is mostly full, so make sure that you organise your day. In the early hours, plan ahead and prepare a schedule, and make sure that you add enough breaks in between, especially for longer treatments. Remember also not to overbook your day with multiple complex procedures because this can take a toll on your energy and concentration. Spread them out evenly on your calendar to avoid overwhelming yourself while delivering excellent dental treatments to your patients.

4. Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Colleagues

Colleague relationship Dentistry
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Your nurse and the other staff members in the dental facility are vital to your success. For this reason, maintaining good communication and relationships with them will help you get your work done easily and comfortably. Aside from making friends, make sure that you have clear communication on the responsibilities of each other to ensure that all dental procedures go as smoothly as possible. After a day’s work, invite them to have coffee or dinner with you to establish rapport with your colleagues.


The four above tips will guide you in transitioning from dental student to a dentist. As you slowly build your career, these tips will always be essential even as a seasoned dentist. Preparation, good communication and relationships with people you work with, along with good planning of your days will help you become an excellent professional even in your first year.

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