Dental Talent – HR and Dentistry – Should Dentists Contact Current Employers?

There may be rules that you have heard of—or even those that you believe ought not to be rules—when it comes to HR and dentistry. For instance, dentists who place hiring adverts and have contacted employees of other dental practices may be accused of breaking some unspoken rule about not notifying employers first.

With so many things changing in the world of HR—especially during this pandemic—sometimes it’s difficult to have a definitive understanding of the rules in the recruitment of dental talent and other staff concerns. Providing clarification for these questions will not only make the recruitment process go more smoothly, but it can also prevent unnecessary conflict between professionals in the same field.

The Issue With Contacting Current Employers

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Although it may not seem like a problem initially, being in contact with someone employed in another practice may cause all sorts of issues. In many cases, dental clinics or establishments that are recruiting will get in touch with an interested applicant that is still currently employed. This person’s current employer might insist that the recruiting party refrain from contacting said employee until it has been cleared with them.

This can cause problems in dental recruitment for several reasons. Firstly, not all employers will be pleased with the idea of their employees considering other options. Secondly, candidates who may not be hired by a competitor may face unnecessary consequences depending on the temperament of their employer and superiors.

This confusion has prompted employers to ask for clarification on the labour law to avoid similar situations when asking for references and receiving angry feedback.

Defining the Rules on Engaging With Employers

In terms of recruitment for dentistry, applicants have every right to send out applications and attend interviews with other employers as they see fit. They can also leave their current employers at any time. If the recruiting employer did not solicit their peer’s employees to apply for any open positions at their practice, then it is important to communicate that to the peer. 

As for the ‘rule’ in question, there is no such stipulation in the labour law that requires employers to contact their peers when one of the peers’ employees has sent an application over to them. This could cause negative outcomes for the applicant and the recruiting dental establishment.

Peers who are angry about losing their employee are not the recruiting party’s responsibility. The upset employer should have prioritised fostering a better culture and providing better compensation for better retention, as employees look for other opportunities when their employer fails to provide a positive working environment.

Finding a balance between staffing your establishment and avoiding conflict with other dental clinics is a delicate matter. While you do not want to be perceived as a dental practitioner that ‘steals’ employees from other clinics, your priority should be to maintain a recruitment process that is sound according to the labour law. Doing the right thing as the potential employer for candidates who are on the search will protect both of you should things come to a head.


There are many questions when it comes to finding and hiring for dentistry jobs in the UK. Though dental experts might be well-versed in their field of expertise, learning HR basics and rules of labour law is also beneficial. By doing so, whether that’s on your own or with the aid of a recruitment platform, you are ensuring that you are compliant with the nationally recognised policies for hiring, keeping your dental practice and employees safe.

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