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Contact: Rebecca Higson

Dentex Healthcare Group,
Nightingale House,
65 Curzon Street.

Thank you for your interest in joining Dentex! We welcome speculative job applications for any of our practices, or head office based in London.


Private dentistry is booming, but an increasing regulatory environment makes growth complex and is taking time away from dentists who wish to focus on clinical dentistry.

Traditionally, dental corporate models have been focused on acquiring dental practices and managing their expenses. Dentex is different – our focus is creating a partnership of dentists who can work together and learn from each other, free to control and develop the clinical aspects of their own practice.

Our dentists retain equity as shareholders in Dentex, so have a mutual interest to see the group grow and thrive.

We’re not looking for people who want to get out of dentistry. We want people who see their future in dentistry, are engaged and wish to evolve their role as part of a broader partnership. By Dentex taking away the administrative burden, our dentists continue to involve themselves in the parts of the practice they enjoy.

Become a part of our story and we will help write yours.

How we work

In the past, running your own practice often brought substantial long-term financial benefits within a profession that allowed for business innovation and encouraged the merging of creative and scientific skills that rewarded dentists with an enjoyable career.

But we are seeing the expectations of compliance, practice management and regulatory demands dampen the spirit of many dental entrepreneurs. This growing burden is distracting dentists from their clinical focus and changing the way dentistry is delivered. Many dentists are now in their late 30s before they can own a practice and, with an average retirement age of between 50-55, the window for earning is becoming tighter and tighter.

The typical solution is often to consider becoming part of a dental corporate, but this can entail restricted clinical freedom, choice and diminished independence – stripping the practice of what made it unique.


We offer dentists a more flexible career and greater control as co-owners. Whether it is fulfilling a vision, learning new skills or simply transiting to a happier ending to their career – with the added bonus of an exciting and different way to carry on enjoying what you do.

Our co-ownership model is inclusive. Offering the opportunity to grow your business while still practising clinical dentistry without the day-to-day administrative workload – with key support from our many partners who have vast experience to share.

As equity holders, Dentex dentists are invested alongside shareholders ensuring they all have a common goal – growing value through a collaborative dental business for the benefit of all. It also means that they don’t just become employees but retain a degree of ownership and control in their practices.

We want to help dentists who are looking to work with leading professionals, to build a culture of co-ownership and share the benefits as well as dispense with the drawbacks of practice –empowering you to pursue lifestyle options yet to be realised while still involved with a practice you have grown, know and love.

Many partners are now thriving with our support and finding a reinvigorated enjoyment in their profession.

Dentex is proud of its own success story in its short history.

Generosity of spirit

We have a positive outlook and show a readiness to give more than is strictly necessary or expected. We provide compassionate and thoughtful support to each other and our wider community.

Respect for each other

We value diversity, build strong and honest relationships, listen to and appreciate each other’s contributions, and encourage constructive feedback.

Innovation and continuous improvement

We strive towards finding better ways of doing everything and are empowered to find innovative ideas and solutions.

Igniting passion

We believe in what we do and are inspired to create an energetic and enthusiastic community.


We deliver on our promises and hold ourselves accountable. We acknowledge and address difficult situations through open and respectful dialogue. We consistently demonstrate honesty, sincerity and fairness.

Collaborative and communicative engagement

We provide a high contact, inclusive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas with open and honest feedback, listening, and involvement.

Highest ethical standards

We apply the highest standards of professionalism and moral principles every day, acting in the best interests of our community. Trust and transparency are fundamental to everything we do.

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