Finding Dental Staff for Your Practice Made Easy – Our Guide

With the recent set of Coronavirus restrictions being enforced heavily on businesses throughout the United Kingdom, your dental clinic has most likely made some major changes to keep your operations afloat.

From patient restrictions and strict appointment systems to general cleaning processes and regular testing procedures, the list of countermeasures you’ve had to take so far continues to grow. Over time, these adjustments and major changes have also caused you to make some crucial decisions amid dwindling profits and constant struggles to break even and stay open.

Now that your dental clinic is operating at a rather limited capacity, the chances are that you have many problems that have forced you to prepare and remain proactive over time. One issue that stands out above all else in terms of difficulty and importance is the persistent struggle of finding top-quality dental staff.

Conversely, the same struggle has also most likely brought a particular question to mind: what can you do to ease up the difficulty of finding good dental staff for your practice?

The dilemma many dental clinics are struggling with

After a series of layoffs and resignations, your dental clinic might be in a state where it’s dealing with far more work than it can handle because it’s not as sufficiently staffed as it was before the pandemic hit.

Although you probably didn’t think that your slimmed-down list of available employees would be too much trouble to deal with, the implications of the situation are bound to show themselves. Today, the issues that are brought about by your less-than-optimal roster of professionals may have kicked in to the point where you’re dealing with many problems, such as:

  • A hindered ability to maintain a standard of service over an extended period with such a handicap in place
  • Increased rates of burnout
  • Employee dissatisfaction and higher risks of turnovers
  • Increased instances of missed opportunities and disgruntled patients

How do you start finding good dental staff right now with greater ease?

Admittedly, the process of finding professionals who are productive, motivated, and fit well with your practice to help your team get back to a sustainable working state can be difficult because of the challenges along the way. If you want to ensure that you end up with the right hires who will help ease up your current situation and help your practice get back to normalcy, here are a few tips you can use:

1. Emphasise on benefits

With the pandemic forcing more dental professionals to re-evaluate the next step in their careers after spending some time in mandatory solace, it’s important to give them an offer they cannot refuse.

Although it’s natural to show employees what they’re going to get when you hire them, it’s important to make your offer more attractive because you’re most likely going to go against dozens of other clinics that are hiring. By taking the time to emphasise your benefits and look at the offers that other companies have so that you can re-evaluate your job listing, you’ll be able to reel in more qualified candidates!

2. Post on the right platforms

Considering that there is a limited amount of professionals available for hire in the UK, another vital tip that you’ll need to consider is posting your offer on the right platforms.

Finding Dental Staff for Your Practice Made Easy - Our Guide
Finding Dental Staff for Your Practice Made Easy - Our Guide 7

You see, the type of platforms you post your job listing on can make or break your hiring efforts because of the impact they have on its visibility and the likelihood that actual competent professionals will come across it. Once you start using the right options like Dental Talent’s website to find capable candidates, you’ll be able to have a much easier time filling in your vacancies with desirable talent in no time!


With your dental practice having many vacancies that need to be filled as soon as possible, it’s essential that you employ the right approaches for finding the best dental talent. Through the help of the key tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you have a much easier time filling your practice with qualified professionals who will help you during this challenging time!

Finding a capable new hire that will be ready to help your business get back up to spec can make for a difficult period. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for your dental recruitment needs in the UK. Check out our website today and browse through thousands of professionals for hire across job fields and positions that can help you best!