Strategies your Dental Practice should be employing to find talented Employees.

Attend networking events

Dental conferences and networking events attract different types of people from across the dental industry. They are great for learning, networking and to find talented dental professionals that might be looking for a new role.  Attending these events gives you the opportunity to make new contacts and find potential new talented employees for your practice.

Advertise vacancies on social media

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Companies recruit via social media because it can save time, money and be seen by the right people. One of the biggest benefits of advertising on social media is you are advertising to people who may not actually be looking for a job yet. When they happen to glance at your advert and see what your company has to offer, they could be inclined to send over their CV. People only go on traditional job search websites or register with agencies when they are actually looking for a job. When you advertise your vacancies through Dental Talent you have a higher chance of attracting hidden talent through our social and dental industry networks that act on your behalf.

Use your employees as company ambassadors

Employees who love their job and the practice they work in, are your best ambassadors. When you have a new position let employees know, so they can spread the word. It’s very likely they will know people in the dental sector who will be interested in the job and should sell the benefits of working at your practice. Employees who recommend friends will believe they will be a perfect fit for the role and your practice. It’s a benefit for you because the candidate will be pre-vetted by a fellow employee.

Show off your company culture

People aren’t just looking for a job they are looking at the culture of your dental practice they would be joining. Make your dental practice’s culture attractive for prospective candidates. If your practice offers flexible working hours and great benefits it’s important you tell everyone about them. By advertising your company’s culture you can attract hidden talent who are looking for what your company offers beyond the role. With Dental Talent you can promote your company’s culture alongside the job advert. Your branding is available as standard on all adverts at Dental Talent – great imagery and video works well as they are easy to share socially.

Consider video in your job posts

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As mentioned, video is a really good way for showing off your company’s culture. By recording yourself talking about the job vacancy and what the company has to offer, it’s a great way of reaching out and attracting the interest of talented individuals. By using the video link section at Dental Talent your job adverts will stand out more and offer a personal touch. You’ll be reminding potential applicants that you’re not a faceless company, you’re real people too.

Look for hidden talent everywhere

As part of your recruiting strategy, you should keep your eyes and ears open to any potential candidates.  Nothing is stopping you from reaching out to anyone you meet, including patients, and seeing if they fancy a career change.  Be open-minded and look outside the box whenever you are recruiting.

Create a talent pool

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Strategies your Dental Practice should be employing to find talented Employees. 5

During your advertising campaign with Dental Talent you will create a pool of candidates.  Your dashboard will store information about any candidates you’ve interviewed or screened. Even if you approached someone who was not ready to look for another job, by keeping their contact information, you can approach them whenever something relevant comes up in the future.

The most innovative recruiters keep in regular contact, sending over positive news and key updates about their practice. This keeps them up-to-date on what’s happening with your business, rather than letting them forget who you are.