Dental Talent – 3 Tips to Get You Started Networking in Dental Schools

For anyone looking to make the most out of their professional life, networking is essential. This applies well to students in dental school who dream of landing their dream job. Sure, online applications and listing will work for the majority, but the truth that not many will tell you is that many jobs are offered because of connections! In other words, if you are looking to land the job of a lifetime in the future, it is time to start building your dental network today.

If you are still in dental school, there is no problem; in fact, now’s the best time to start networking. From the friends you can make to the professors you can impress, any network you build here can open opportunities that otherwise would have remained close. That being said, if you need help creating a network in a dental school, here is how you can do so:

1. Introduce yourself

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When you are in school, you are surrounded by many people looking to make the most out of their professional life as well. You never know who is going to set up their dental clinic or work in a large dental firm. As such, you should be spending the time introducing yourself to as many people as possible—and better if you can build a close and friendly relationship with them from the onset. You do not necessarily have to be best buddies with other people. By simply being in their minds, you will stand a chance of being considered when the practices they work for requires a new employee.

2. Get involved in an event

Dental schools host many events, some for fun and others more for educational purposes. Regardless, you should join in as many of them, especially in those geared towards improving your chances of success when you finally work. This is because you gain access to more people, allowing you to introduce yourself to a wider variety of people! Plus, if the event includes a professional giving a lecture or talks, you can get yourself acquainted with them as well.

That said, always stay friendly! When you have an approachable demeanour, it is likelier that others will approach you to network too.

3. Work with a support organisation

There are plenty of support organisations available at your disposal. While each organisation may have different types of support, they will mostly revolve around boosting your career.

As such, take the time to look for dental support organisations. This way, you can build a bigger network of dental pros, no matter your current position. This allows you to boost your chances of landing a fine job in the dental industry and growing your skills and knowledge to become an excellent dental professional.


By applying the tips we have shared above, you will be able to increase your network so that once you finally graduate and face the world, you will be presented with opportunities that you would otherwise miss if you have not networked.

That said, in all of your efforts to increase your network, always be sure to maintain a friendly and approachable outlook. This way, people will be interested in learning more about you, becoming your friend, and, one day, recommending you for a job position they may have to offer! This can be the difference between struggling to look for the job you like to getting one offered right when you are done with school.

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