Dental Talent – 4 Practical Tips on How to Explain the Gaps in Your CV

When applying for jobs in the dental industry, the most important document you need to have is a complete CV that will impress recruiters and business owners. Your CV must have all the details that will make you look like a likely candidate for the job position you’re applying for. However, keep in mind that not everyone has a polished-looking resume, and in some cases, there may be gaps due to a variety of reasons. 

The gaps in your CV shouldn’t stop you from getting your dream job, but you need to have a good explanation of why they exist because they will definitely come up during an interview. So, how do you explain them properly?

If you want to land a desirable position even if gaps in your CV, here are four practical tips for you to follow:

1. Use Your Resources

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to include all your experiences in your resume. If you’ve been employed for years and held various positions, it won’t hurt to scale back on the details, which is an effective way to take care of a few gaps. Another point to remember is that it’s acceptable to remove the month and show only the year when stating employment dates on your CV; the same goes for the reasons you left previous positions. Doing so will help keep gaps to a minimum, which can even prevent you from getting asked about them. 

2. Always Be Honest

Dental Talent - 4 Practical Tips on How to Explain the Gaps in Your CV 8

If you really want the job, it’s best to be honest from the start. When you have to deal with a gap in your resume, and it comes up during an interview, honesty is always the best policy. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go in detail. Keep it short and brief in a way your interviewer will understand the reasons behind the apparent gaps. Lying about them in your resume will not hold for too long because your employer can find out, and this will put you in a bad position. 

3. Be Proactive

If you think the reason behind you not getting a job is due to the gaps in your employment, you can always be proactive instead of sulking. While you’re waiting for a job offer, use this time to take other dental courses that will help improve your resume. You can even take a voluntary position at a clinic, which will show recruiters and business owners that you are using your time well, and you are passionate about pursuing a career. 

4. Be Positive

Dental Talent - 4 Practical Tips on How to Explain the Gaps in Your CV 9

You might find yourself apologising for the gaps in your CV, but don’t be too negative. Instead, put a positive spin to those periods. Instead of saying you couldn’t find a job, change it into something positive by telling the interviewer that you refocused your career to pursue a position within your desired industry. Sometimes, it’s all about how you phrase your words, and positively at that, to change the whole situation in a way that the gaps wouldn’t look so bad after all. 


It may be difficult to justify the gaps on your resume, but it is still possible. The thing about these gaps is, whatever the reason they exist, all you need to do is be upfront about them and use positive phrases to explain. Also, keep in mind the four tips shared above to help you explain better the gaps on your CV, and you’ll see that your interviews will go better than expected!

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