Dental Talent – How to Give Your Dental Recruitment Strategy the Boost it Needs

Nowadays, the industry is experiencing no shortage of top-performing dental talent. With an attractive offer bundled into one well-presented job offering, you may not see the necessity in a recruitment consultancy. To an extent, it makes sense—if you can advertise your opening directly, why go out of your way? Find out below.

The Dental Talent Pool is Becoming Increasingly Competitive

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Armed with Internet connections, technology, and a vast amount of resources, today’s climate is more competitive than ever. While you aren’t hard-pressed to stumble upon thousands of entry-level graduates looking for their first job, associates, specialist dentists, business managers, and dental nurses might be hard to come by.

Sure, an excellent job description and seemingly rewarding offer will look good on specialist and generalist job boards—but not if your potential candidates aren’t actively looking. Just as you would market your business to the general public, you want to sell openings to the right target market.

Is Self-Advertising Cheaper?

Naturally, yes, advertising on your own will save you money—at least at the onset. You might even garner an excellent response to your adverts and win over the candidate of your dreams. However, you’ll have spent dozens of hours writing up job descriptions, screening resumes, and interviewing candidates when you didn’t have to.

Plus, even low-cost ads can mount if you aren’t paying attention to how much you’re spending. At the bare minimum, you’ll probably publish an opening on your LinkedIn profile or website. However, to garner leads, you’ll have to market, which will cost money.

Unfortunately, sponsored ads won’t guarantee positive results. Why spend on a hit-or-miss tactic when there are other, more effective methods of pulling in talent?

Hand-off the responsibility to a trained recruiter, and you can spend those hours overseeing more critical tasks or even spending quality time with your family.

Recruiters Know What Professional Looks Like

An experienced dental recruitment agent will know how to spot top-quality talent from a mile away. After all, it’s what they do for a living.

Recruiters have specialties within specific industries and functions and can improve your quality of hire. They will find you an excellent candidate and ensure that they are a proper fit for a particular position.

Additionally, you may not realize you lack the skill to recruit professionally. If such is the case, working with a recruiter can help retain your professional image.

They Know the Market

Recruiters don’t merely hand talent over. They are also in a position to provide valuable insight and advice. As such, they’ll know that some of the top candidates aren’t necessarily actively looking for a job—these are what professional recruiters call “passive talent.” The good news is, a professional recruiter will likely know where to find these candidates and woo them into your business.


If you’re worried about shaving a little off your budget, don’t—recruitment agencies don’t demand any up-front costs. Plus, if you feel reaching out to candidates on your own will save on cash, don’t underestimate a recruiting service’s cost-effectiveness.

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