Dental Talent – Looking For Dental Talent In the Age of COVID-19

With COVID-19 in full effect and the British government fighting it on all ends to mitigate the risks it poses to businesses and individuals alike, it’s safe to say that tremendous changes are taking place every day.

But how has it affected the dental industry?

While there are many industries that have taken hits from the pandemic, the dental industry is among those that have been affected the most. Dental care, after all, typically involves in-person treatment and plenty of contact—things that are being recommended against in the face of the virus.

From scheduling appointments amid growing fears to conducting procedures while being compliant with guidelines, the number of challenging matters that clinics must face is nearly endless. While it’s safe to say that other hurdles involved all have their own level of difficulty to bring to the table, there is still the challenge of outfitting your office with the best staff.

A Matter of Selecting Top-Rate Talent

Many companies are struggling to hang on to their existing staff, let alone bring on new ones. However, the virus seems to be sticking around for quite some time, making it crucial to adapt and find a way to provide dental services despite the challenges. You will need the best staff to serve and retain your patients.

As if the process wasn’t already difficult enough before the pandemic, hiring the best people has become even more challenging because of how difficult it is to gauge applicants based on video calls and emails alone. On top of the inherent challenges that have been further amplified by the pandemic’s different predicaments, however, it is even more difficult because even a small mistake in the hiring process can prove to be disastrous— which means the margin for error is slim enough as it is!

Different Matters to Focus on With Your Job Listing

As difficult as the process of hiring top-rate dental talent for your clinic may be, it is very much possible to make the whole experience a lot easier by tailoring your process to a COVID-19 or lockdown-centric approach. This is especially true when it comes to your job description.

As quality talent grows even more scarce by the day with the demand rates far exceeding supply, it is critical to ensure that you have the right potential candidates while having a listing that plays the part. If you want to ensure that you start getting the right candidates by having a listing that resonates as well as it should, here are the different pointers you can consider:

Tip #1: Emphasize What Makes You Different

Considering that most dental practices are clamouring for quality talent, it’s best to assume that you’re competing against a handful of other clinics for the same pool of talent—so, how do you stand out?

Well, this is where differentiating your clinic comes in.

If you want to start attracting better talent with your job listings so that your clinic can run as smoothly as possible, it’s important to ensure that you stand out and bring value to the table that other firms can’t. Emphasizing matters like stable compensation, bonuses, allowances, great office culture, and opportunities for continuing education will help present your listing in a package that can’t be refused!

Tip #2: Show Your Dedication to Safety

In a pandemic like this where sanitation-related paranoia is the norm, you’ll need to showcase your listing in a way that will affirm potential job candidates that your clinic is a place that they won’t need to worry about working in. If you want to help ease your practice in and really make an impact on top of the benefits that are worth shedding some light on, here are a few questions that will help your figure out what to feature in your listing:

  • Which pieces of equipment and physical changes have you made in your practice to protect patients and team members? 
  • What schedule changes have you made to reduce the risks of contracting the virus?
  • What is your PPE plan?


By now, you’ve probably found yourself in the midst of a little hiring problem that needs to be solved through the help of a well-structured job listing—a hurdle that can be resolved with careful consideration and a clear plan. With the help of the two tips mentioned above, you can reinforce your listing and help ensure that it can attract the best people to join your team.

Finding a capable new hire that will be ready to help your business get back up to spec can make for a difficult period. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for your dental recruitment needs. Check out our website today and browse through thousands of professionals in the UK for hire across job fields and positions that can help you best!