Dental Talent – Powerful CV Tips For Dental Hygienists To Land Their Dream Job

Dentistry is a field that everyone needs regardless of where they stand. Whether it be needing braces to fix a crooked smile, tooth filling for chipped teeth, or just the routine cleaning and dental maintenance, dentistry is definitely a job that is in demand. It goes without saying that fresh graduates are thrown into a market that is extremely cutthroat and unforgiving, especially nowadays. With so many people looking to get into any profession, the healthcare industry is no different. 

So you’ve just graduated from dental school and are looking to land a job. Just like you, hundreds of thousands of other dentistry graduates are on the prowl for a job or to even start their own clinic straight out of university. The question now is, how do you get above the competition and land that job with a dental clinic? Here are our tips on how to formulate a resume and snatch the position from your fellow graduates:

Key CV Tips To Land A Dream Dental Position 

One of the best things to start with is including relevant experience and skills to your CV. If you specialize in a certain field, pursue that and push for it, as these will be your selling points. Remember that employers are looking for people with good relevant skills as well, so if you are going to be applying for Orthodontics, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the skill. List all kinds of relevant details you think will help you land the job, as this makes employers see that you did well in dental school and will make a fine addition to their clinic staff. 

Additionally, include unique qualities you possess and some quantifiable achievements. Bear in mind that employers look for people who stand out, so if your resume includes the usual characteristics that the hundreds they read through have, they will likely pass on yours. Some of these amazing qualities could perhaps be being good with children because we all know most children are afraid of dentists! Achievements also speak louder than a high academics, so if you have numbers and figures on your resume for whatever task you have experienced and completed, you should include those. 

Writing Your CV As A Dental Professional

Always include your contact information, which includes your name, address, and LinkedIn profile. Avoid personal social media accounts, as these often strike as unprofessional. Once you are a member of the workforce, or even before joining it, you should already be investing in creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out. Include your email address as well so that it looks more formal, and even your phone number for easy reaching. 

Include a segment of your objectives that show your professional summary. Career objective statements are an overlooked aspect of CV building for any field. Use a few sentences only to summarize the CV after it is completed so that employers can quickly see your skills and achievements to determine how well you will fit with their team. 

When including skills and experience, skills should be at least six to be powerful and include only hard skills. Skills reinforce your CV, as the employers will see that you have prior knowledge to some topics. For example, oral hygiene is an extremely common skill that all dental students should have, but you can also specialize in the treatment of periodontal diseases to add strength to the CV. Experience can and must include the use of dental equipment and machines, as well as conducting moulds for retainers and teeth scanning. These are a few experiences that will strengthen your CV, so be sure to include them.


Dental professionals are in demand, and the competition is quite high as well. Remember to go all out with your CV and do not leave anything out in order to stand out. There is always a way around the job market and learning the tactics will help. 

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