Dental Talent – The Importance of Agile Hiring for Dental Hygienists and Nurses

The career landscape in different industries continues to evolve, and the dentistry sector is not exempted from this transformation. Assisting roles such as a dental hygienist or dental nurse now have a more integral role in the clinic, one that involves fulfilling meaningful work beyond aiding the dentist in a nine-to-five setting.

Dental practices now see the importance of adapting to changes. With the global pandemic putting a wrench on the industry’s operations, the need to embrace a more open attitude when hiring dental positions is higher than ever. As the world demands a flexible and adaptable work environment, dental practices now focus on approaching at a more agile pace.

What Does It Mean to Be Agile-Employment Ready in the Dental Industry?

Incorporating agility in the workplace, particularly in dentistry, primarily focuses on adjusting the patient needs, workflow, scheduling, and job description to ensure the dental staff can work to their full potential.

During these uncertain times, businesses such as your dental practice need to minimise downtimes by filling gaps and meet daily demands without compromising employee morale. This reduces inefficiencies in dental staffing, a costly problem that can leave your practice in shambles if ever a hygienist fails to show up for the day.

What Does Agile Hiring Entail For Aspiring Dental Assistants or Hygienists?

Building a Strong and Accessible Online Presence

Working with a recruitment agency can introduce you to a wider job market, but this involves a lengthy process since there are often communication gaps. Dental practices should be able to find and contact you as smoothly as possible, but extending the journey by going through different middle persons only creates unproductive time. The easier it is to access your profile, the faster you can get hired.

The Bottom Line: Why Your Dental Practice Needs to Be Agile-Employment Ready

The global pandemic also pushed dental practices to adopt an agile approach when filling essential roles, especially since losing manpower even for just a few days can lead to devastating results for a busy dental practice.

Agile hiring, however, demands dental practices and job seekers alike to spearhead the process. This means that you can’t rely on recruitment agencies alone, especially when you need to hire talent on-demand. Fortunately, platforms such as Dental Talent can help provide the recruiting support you need to achieve agility in your job search.

Why Choose Dental Talent to Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy?

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