Falkland Islands Government

The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) Health and Social Services Department provides comprehensive dental and oral health services to a population of about 3,600 residents, plus emergency care to those working on foreign fishing vessels and visitors to the Islands. 

The population is largely of originally UK origin but with a wide range of other nationalities present, most notably St Helenians and Chileans. The Department also provides secondary care services to the military personnel and associated civilians at Mount Pleasant Airbase. The Dental Services team is based in the King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Islands’ capital, Stanley, and currently has facilities for three surgeries plus a small technical area. The majority of laboratory work is undertaken in a dental laboratory in the UK.

The Service follows UK practices and standards of care, modified to meet local needs and circumstances. However all dentists need to be competent in pouring models to be transported to the UK.

Appointment is subject to proof of the attainment of any qualifications deemed essential to the post and used as a basis for short-listing and selection. Failure to provide evidence of the required qualifications will result in any offer of employment being withdrawn.

    There are currently no vacancies.

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