How Your Dental Front Office Impacts Your Overall Productivity

Productive dental practice is all about deploying efficient systems, and while the quality of patient care is the priority, maximising daily productions is mostly a numbers game. Dentistry is a business just like any other, and to allow more room for revenue without ramping up the expenses, your dental office will need to improve the point where it all begins: the front desk.

That’s why ironing out any inefficiencies at the front desk can result in a domino effect on your dental practice’s productivity, but how can you streamline your front office staff and ensure everything is smooth-running?

Let the Practice Manager Spearhead Your Upfront Productivity

Every dental practice needs one Practice Manager since they are responsible for leading your team through their daily tasks. Dentists handle the diagnosis and treatment of patients, but the Practice Manager takes charge of the office and delegates roles accordingly. When peak hours hit and appointments stack one after the other, it’s the Practice Manager who will guide your team and offer a solution on how to ease any congestion in your waiting area.

Assign Responsibilities Accordingly

A Practice Manager may be the one steering the ship when it comes to the business side of your dental practice, but you need the right people to fill in the gaps and become accountable for their tasks. Ideally, a successful dental practice should invest in building a complete team with the following roles:

  • Receptionist – the one who should focus on checking patients coming in or out and answering phone calls;

  • Scheduling Coordinator – the one who manages the dental office’s schedule, spotting delays, and contacting patients who are overdue;

  • Financial Coordinator – handling money is a different ballpark altogether, so it’s best to let a professional financial coordinator deal with your practice’s insurances, patient accounts, collections, and more;

The roles mentioned above cover the basics, though you may need to scale your team as your practice grows. If budget constraints prevent you from filling in these roles, you can split up duties and designate different time slots as a short-term solution. So one staff can act as both the Receptionist and Scheduling Coordinator, while the Practice Manager can also take the responsibilities of the Financial Coordinator.

How Your Dental Front Office Impacts Your Overall Productivity
How Your Dental Front Office Impacts Your Overall Productivity 7

The Bottom Line: A Streamlined Dental Front Office is a Successful Practice

When thinking about a dental practice, it’s understandable that most would look at the operating rooms to measure the clinic’s success. But productivity often starts at the front desk since it’s where patients schedule appointments, ensure correct billing, cater to patient visits, file insurance claims, and virtually every administrative task possible.

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