Opportunities for Dentists Moving to Private Practice with Burgess & Hyder

Dentists looking to further their career need look no further than the Burgess & Hyder Group of practices. In this recruiting initiative, Burgess & Hyder, under the Dentex umbrella, have a roadmap in place to help associate dentists, recently qualified dentists and dentists working in an NHS environment move into private practice and into areas of dentistry they may not have access to in their current practice.

Passion Is at the Heart of Everything We Do

The Burgess & Hyder Group has served the North East Region for over 25 years. We provide the highest quality dental care from a large network of experienced team members. Our group includes approximately 40 dentists and specialists, 10 hygienists and almost 100 employees. We are committed to providing oral health care to over 75,000 patients across the group, who remain loyal to us because we care.

If you want to be exceptional, you need to care deeply about patients and dentistry. We love the work we do. We attract dental professionals who have passion for their work and the drive to learn more and refine their skills. Our dentists want to grow their careers, develop their results and take part in the training opportunities we offer.

Appealing Training and Opportunities

At Burgess & Hyder, we know many dentists want to further their careers and excel in their chosen field. With our help and our resources, we can help dentists progress into other areas of dentistry, including cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry.

When it comes to moving into the private sector, Burgess and Hyder ease the transition. We have NHS contracts in place with a growing private element.

Our group of practices offers a working environment and a warm team that offers continual support and resources for our dentists to realise their full potential. We offer our dentists mentorships and allow them to shadow our highly skilled private clinicians. Other offerings include Dentex in-house and external training courses and group workshops.

The success of our dentists at Burgess & Hyder comes from the opportunities our group provides. We give our dentists choice by allocating designated private clinical time and we give them training specific to their needs and goals.

When new dentists join our tight-knit work family, our aim is to help them succeed. We’re in the business of growing and improving alongside our in-house talent.

Partnering With Dentex

The Burgess & Hyder group is part of the Dentex group of practices. With Dentex’s long reach across the UK, high-calibre network of dentists and specialists, and focus on clinical support, our dentists get high value and experience from a career at Burgess & Hyder.

As Dentex supports our day-to-day business operations, including marketing, finance, IT, compliance, and more, our dentists and support staff can spend more providing outstanding patient care, sharpening their skillset, and growing the practice. Though we offer mentorship and niche training opportunities at Burgess & Hyder, Dentex adds a layer of value with additional training events, networking opportunities between their practices and supporting our in-house teams.

Most importantly, Dentex lets us continue to be ourselves. Our clients and our team love the long-established Burgess & Hyder culture, brand and values. Partnering with Dentex gives our team more opportunities to grow and thrive without compromising the way we do business.

Recruiting Dental Talent for Today and Tomorrow

We find opportunities every day to connect with other dental professionals. In our industry, newly qualified dentists and NHS dentists often consider moving to private practice. Our goal is to help them get there. A large portion of their career roadmap is getting the training they want to reach the career they desire.

We take today’s associate dentists and help them become tomorrow’s principals – if that’s one of their professional aspirations. We make it possible for them to focus on areas of dentistry that they are interested in and help them develop their clinical skills in these areas. We find that a supportive environment, chock-full of growth and development opportunities, leads to increased work satisfaction amongst our dental professionals. With the time, flexibility and diversity of the type of dentistry we enable at Burgess & Hyder, our dentists can hone their skills, which tends to go hand in hand with higher financial earnings.

A large portion of job satisfaction comes from the work environment itself. A career in dentistry involves a strong and close-knit team at each practice. We’re proud that our practices feel like small families rather than a job where each person is only there to punch the clock. Many of our team members have been with us for years, which we attribute to the camaraderie and growth opportunities we offer.

Careers with Burgess & Hyder

As we grow, we want our dentists to grow with us – that’s why we provide resources and training to give them the tools and experiences they need to succeed. We’re always open to having a conversation about the future and how we can help enhance a career. Learn more about our group of practices and our team on the Burgess & Hyder website.