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We are the feel-good dentists – Making our team smile every day!

We live and breathe by our vision and values. Our team comes at the heart of what we do and we invest time, energy and resources to make sure our team is the best they can be.

Benefits of joining include:

  • Free access to CPD via dentinal tubules to all
  • Funding, development and training grants for courses
  • Annual team building seminars
  • Free access for Employee Assistance Programme
  • Annual pay rises and performance reviews
  • Free access to My Healthy Advantage App
  • GDC fees paid for our dental nurses
  • Indemnity fees paid for our dental nurses
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our vision

We are the feel-good dentists and want to transform the image of dentistry to one which makes people feel good in themselves and excited about their oral health

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our mission

Our mission is to change the age-old perception of dentistry in the UK from being a negative experience “one has to go through” to one people look forward to. From the communities we serve which surround our practices through to the people who run them, we will ensure the only experience anyone has in connection to us is a happy, feel good one. This extends to outside our practices and even to those who are not patients or staff. When people think of Quality Dental, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, they start feeling good too.

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our purpose

We are the feel-good dentists.

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