Recognise Dental Nurses – 8 Effective Ways You Can Do

The work of dental nurse should be recognised and appreciated. Their role is highly integral to the success of a dental practice as they aid in delivering dental care that is safe and successful. Not only that, but they also help ease their patient’s anxiety and discomfort during and even after dental procedures.

Being a dental nurse is indeed a crucial and rewarding role, and it is just proper to give them the proper recognition and acknowledgement they deserve. Here are the ways on how to do that:

  • Give a Bonus: Reward them with a bonus when they went beyond expectations that contribute to the success of the practice. This type of reward will help them to get more motivated to keep up their good work. It makes them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Give Them a Salary Increase: When they perform a consistently excellent job throughout the year, give them a salary increase. This will make them feel that their hard work is recognised and valued.
  • Verbalise the Recognition: Tell them verbally that they are doing great on their job.
  • Let Them Join Meetings: Include dental nurses during meetings about patient care.
  • Write a Thank You Note: Write and give a “thank you” note to let them know that you greatly appreciate their help. This may seem a simple way to show how grateful you are, but this can make a huge impact on them.
Recognise Dental Nurses - 8 Effective Ways You Can Do
Recognise Dental Nurses - 8 Effective Ways You Can Do 5
  • Ask for Their Input: Ask for their suggestions or input about the patients or the services you offer to get better insights into providing a better patient experience.
  • Support Their Learning: Help them further their education and training by paying for their Dental Assistant National Boards (DANB) certification and their Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) certification.
  • Encourage Them to Be Beyond Their Role: When they ask for a higher salary, but their pay has already reached the peak for their role, think of other ways to satisfy their request. Inspire them to be more creative and let them use their soft and hard skills to contribute to the company.

Dental Nurses Are Also Heroes During This Pandemic

The services offered by dental nurses provide so much value to the dental and hygiene department. Without their efforts, the practice will have a challenging time keeping up with the schedule. They lower the risk of the team getting more stressed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world a massive problem when it comes to providing the best healthcare services to the public. Dental Nurses have also stepped up to provide dental care, even with the risks associated with dental visits.

Dental Nurses deserve credit for assisting the dentists and easing the patients’ stress. Aside from that, they are given additional tasks and responsibilities during difficult times like this pandemic.


A successful team will function most efficiently and effectively if all the members are motivated to provide the best service. We become more motivated when our efforts are appreciated. Dental Nurses may not often be recognised in the dental industry, but they are actually playing a significant role in ensuring patient safety and a better dental experience. This is why they deserve recognition and affirmation in various forms.

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