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The247dentist is a leading private emergency out-of-hours dental care service. Our rewarding and highly paid job roles offer the chance to provide quality private dentistry to grateful patients whilst working a fraction of the hours of a normal job.

We offer a full range of services to treat your emergency dental requirements.

Finding the time to book an emergency dentist appointment around a busy life is becoming increasingly difficult without sacrificing time elsewhere. Thats why our emergency dentists are available out-of-hours to make your dental health a priority. Contact us to book your urgent dental care today.

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We evaluate your oral health using small and OPG x-rays. Our emergency dentists identify and diagnose problems including cavities, decay, abscesses or other infections.

Bridges, Crowns and Veneers

Bridges, crowns and veneers reduce the risk of damage and infection on healthy teeth and gums by covering existing teeth or filling the gaps left by missing or extracted teeth.

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Wisdom Teeth

Our emergency dentists determine whether your wisdom teeth are impacted and at risk of causing further pain or infections and will extract them if necessary.

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Abscess or Infection

Dental abscesses and infections are treated by removing the source of the infection. The most common procedures are root canals, tooth extraction, or incision and drainage.

emergency dental fillings


Dental fillings are used to repair cavities caused by decay. Our emergency care dentists will offer the appropriate filling based on your individual case.

emergency tooth extraction


Our urgent care dentists and oral surgeons will surgically pull (extract) your teeth if the damage, decay, or infection is beyond repair.