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Contact: Morgan Davies

Business Manager

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Welcome to 247 Dentist, the premier out-of-hours dental provider in the UK. Established in 2019 by a dentist and a nurse, our journey has seen remarkable growth, evolving into the largest service of its kind committed to exceptional patient care. At 247 Dentist, our patients always come first.

As a dynamic and expanding company, we consistently strive to enhance accessibility to quality dental services. With the frequency of new site openings ranging from every four to twelve weeks, and we are not slowing down any time soon!

We understand the importance of balancing professional and personal commitments. That’s why our unique promotional opportunities allow you to augment your income without compromising your existing practice or home life. Our roles often entail just one week of on-call duty per month, giving you the flexibility to select your preferred weeks. Plus, our dedicated headquarters team provides unwavering support and guidance to ensure seamless shifts.

Our leadership team is rooted in empathy, placing the well-being of our employees, patients, and communities at the forefront. Grounded in clinical expertise, we uphold stringent standards to deliver exceptional patient care consistently. At 247 Dentist, our culture celebrates every team member, fostering an environment of pride and camaraderie.

Join us at 247 Dentist, where excellence in dental care meets a supportive and empowering workplace culture