Things to Know When Creating a CV for a Dental Position You Want

Regardless of what industry you plan to work in, you will need a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to get the ball rolling. A CV contains essential information comprising your education, work experience, and other notable achievements that can help you land the job you want. Other than that, you can also utilise a CV to market yourself to potential employers looking for someone like you! When they end up liking you and call you in for an interview, you have to be prepared to expound on the details you previously wrote down in your CV.

Proving to companies why they should hire you is often challenging because you’re up against other people who also have what it takes to fill in the role you want. It all comes down to giving it your best to convince employers to pick you above the other candidates!

Keep reading below to find out how to make an effective CV that will help you acquire a position in the field of dentistry.

Create Your CV While Considering an Employer’s Interests

When you’re forming a CV for the first time, and you have several companies you wish to apply for, remember that you can’t stick to one CV alone, especially if you’re looking into various roles. For each employer you send your CV to, it has to focus on their individual needs and expectations for a qualified candidate.

You must take a careful look at their dental recruitment listing, assess what the role entails, and break down their needs before coming up with a way to best present your CV. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation, unlike most resumes. CVs are more specific and should help you focus on one employer at a time!

Personalise a CV According to the Role You Want to Get

A CV is a professional document that showcases your skills and expertise, not unnecessary details about your life, at least as far as the position you’re applying for is concerned. That’s why you should customise your CV according to the requirements of a dental hygiene-related job.

Dental Talent - Things to Know When Creating a CV for a Dental Position You Want
Things to Know When Creating a CV for a Dental Position You Want 7

When you’re applying for a specific role, you should avoid putting irrelevant information on your CV and stick to the details and qualifications an employer wants based on their job post. If you have any work experience or seminars attended related to the position you want to pursue, don’t forget to list them down.

Aim for a Well-Developed and Properly Organized CV

Like with all official documents, your CV must contain clear and concise ideas and well-organized details. That way, it maintains a professional tone and significantly improves your chances of landing your dream dentist job.

Avoid stuffing too much information into your CV. If you aren’t confident about your spelling or grammar, you could ask someone to proofread it for you. Make sure it’s understandable, not complicated to read through, and contains an adequate amount of white space to allow the reader to breathe with every information they take in and learn about you.


Before you start browsing through a job board for dentistry and begin sending out your applications, don’t forget to have a CV to show your potential employers. They must be based on every dental company’s interests, be personalised according to the given role, and remain well-developed and organised.   

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