Top tips for writing a dental CV to help you secure your dream dentistry role. 

Creating and having a strong CV is at the forefront of young dental professionals minds when starting out in dentistry.  These are our top tips to create a stand out CV for securing your dream career in dentistry.

Why is a good CV needed in dentistry?

A strong CV will help you to secure the job that you’ve always wanted whatever field of dentistry you are in, Associate Dentist, Dental Nurses or Dental Hygienist.  When applying for a job, your CV is the first impression your potential future employer will have of you, and first impressions always count. 

What to include in your dental CV?

  • Personal details – name, address, email, contact numbers, professional registration
  • Academic achievements – postgraduate achievements, degrees, A-Levels and GCSEs
  • Employment experience with dates, current position first
  • Other achievements of significance – for example any awards that you may have won, any committees you have been a member of or any articles you have had published
  • Outside interests – this aspect of a CV is important as it helps to show your potential employer that there is more to you than just dentistry. 
  • Personal profile – at the start of your CV, you should include a paragraph explaining what you are looking for in a job and what interests you have in dentistry, just a little something to introduce yourself

Tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

It’s really important to make your CV stand out from other applicants that might be applying for the same role –  

  1. Layout – a good layout will really catch an employer’s attention. A clean, easy to follow layout will help it to look professional and make it an easy read for them.
  2. Sell yourself to them – detail recent clinical courses you have been to and what skills you have picked up from going on these. This shows your interest in certain areas of dentistry and your commitment to continued development. 
  3. Show your passion – if there are particular areas you enjoy in dentistry then let them know. They will be looking for someone who is enthusiastic, so try and get this across through your CV.
  4. What makes you different? Don’t just real off a list of adjectives in your personal profile, link what you enjoy in your outside life into dentistry. 
  5. What else looks good on a CV? Any undergraduate or postgraduate awards or prizes that you have won. This will show outside recognition you have had for your clinical or academic work. Most societies will run competitions, and it’s really worth applying for a few of these with some of your best cases as the recognition gained looks really good on a CV. To help with this, start documenting your best clinical work as soon as possible and build a portfolio of your work

Developing the best CV you can, as early as possible, will help you promote yourself to future employers and achieve your dream job ahead of the competition. Now you’ve created a brilliant CV, you’re ready to browse and apply for the best dental jobs on DentalTalent! 

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