What You Should Expect When Working At A Dental Practice

Sometimes we tend to skip over a lot of mundane things as days pass. You may not even think twice about a simple dental appointment, but there’s a whole lot more that goes on at the clinic than you think.

Maybe you’re eyeing work in the dental field, or you’re just curious about what goes on when you exit the door. Either way, here are few things you can expect when working at a dental practice.

Always On Your Feet

Some workplaces often have their employees sitting down at desks and facing a computer screen. Although it can occur at the dental practice, it’s more likely that you’re on your feet. There’s so much to attend to as you try to stay on top of the schedule and adjust when need is due to some unforeseen circumstances.

It can be fast-paced on some days as you bounce from the reception room to the storage area to the treatment area. Some days, it will be patient after patient for a dental hygiene appointment, while others will call for a number of emergency dental sessions.

Lots Of Teamwork

There are several employees in different positions to fulfil various tasks. You can have the receptionist who deals with meeting the patients, other dental professionals who handle patients who require their field of expertise, dental assistants who provide help to dentists in a treatment area, and lab technicians who take care of the gear and more.

These individuals all work together in a single work environment to deliver the dental care people need and to keep the practice running. Eyeing a position in dental care often entails eyeing a part of a particular team.

Administration Work

Almost every employee has their fair share of administrative tasks to do from day-to-day at the dental practice. These usually span from proper scheduling of appointments, updating the records of the patients, and other things to make operations a whole lot smoother.

Some may also be assigned the task of checking the dental clinic’s supplies and contacting the corresponding suppliers. Can’t really have the practice run low on certain tools, especially if it isn’t a weekend the following day.

Working With Patients Of All Kind

Amid all the stress, the most important thing to a dental practice is to help the patient and to protect their smile. When you start working long-term, you begin to notice all the different age groups and kinds of people who come to schedule appointments.

It can be gratifying to help these different people with their dental needs. Some may be a little more nervous than others, so having some conversation skills and being a people person can really help.

Learning Something New Everyday

If you want a workplace where you’re constantly learning every day, a dental practice isn’t too bad of a place to go to. Dental healthcare is continuously evolving as technology advances further and further to sharpen techniques and deliver a better experience to patients.

Though it isn’t ever just technical lessons. Sometimes, you can learn an interesting fact or two from your patients. You innately gain some knowledge about how to interact with regular patients. That isn’t something you can just magically learn from a university classroom.


To sum it up, working at a dental practice can prove to be demanding. However, as challenging as it can be, it’s also rewarding to get through each day. It’s especially pleasing when you see a patient gain back some confidence in their smile.  If you are looking for or interested in pursuing a career in Dentistry such as Dental Nursing; Dental Partners are recruiting. “We are committed to creating the Best Place to Work for our colleagues which in turn leads to the best patient care. We become ‘The Best Place to Work’ by finding the best talent, engaging and empowering our colleagues and creating great teams.

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