Dental Talent – 10 Things You Should Do Before The Video Interview

As technology progresses, video interviews have become normalised as part of the hiring process since the pandemic. It is convenient for both the interviewer and interviewee; there is no need for travel or waiting time in reception and the timing of interview can be flexible to suit working hours.

In dentistry video interviews are a great tool to help the recruitment process however this is always in addition to a practice visit as there is no substitute for seeing the practice and meeting the team, albeit with new protocols in place.

Video interviews are still new for some and nerves can get in the way before the video interview it’s hard not to panic!  Instead try and focus on setting up for the interview; turn that preparation in to reassurance that you are ready for it.

Here are a few tips you should check off the list before the interview.

1. Prepare the platform and software needed

There are countless video conferencing apps available. Ask your interviewer/recruiter what platform the meeting will be held on so that you can download any needed software. It can also help to be familiar with the platform and know how to adjust the volume and other settings on it.

2. Check your audio & camera settings

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Locate your headphones or earphones the night before the interview, make sure there are no connection problems so that you don’t have to rush dealing with the settings. Test if your webcam is working, in the event that the camera quality is a little down, you can search for free webcam software that connects your phone’s camera to your computer.

3. Plan your location

You want to ensure that you have the best lighting and a clean background during the video interview.  Also, assess your house to check which place is free of distractions and noise.

4. Dress appropriately

Even if the meeting is done online, you still want to create a good first impression. Try to look for presentable clothes to wear. It will help you feel more composed about your appearance and remember that this isn’t just a casual call with a friend.

5. Get a pen and paper

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Another preparation you’d want to take is bringing materials that will help you take down notes. This will help you write down any observations and questions you can bring up during the course of the interview.

6. Check your internet connection

When living with a group, whether family or your friends, the internet connection tends to get a little slower as everyone is online. Let them know that you need a stable internet connection and request them to hit pause on any activities they’re doing for the interview duration.

7. Close any unnecessary tabs

Some programs or tabs can slow down computer responses. Moments before the interview, minimise or close the tabs that aren’t of any use to the interview.

8.  Keep your hands free

You may feel fidgety, but try to relax and clear your mind. Keep your hands free and try to act normal during the interview. You can practice various hand motions in the mirror beforehand.

9. Do a test run prior to the interview

Have someone close to you make a test call and check out your equipment. You can anticipate if something seems off and make adjustments before the big day. It can also be reassuring to know that everything is working before the interview.

10. Be authentic, be you!

We can overthink what to say and how to say it.  Be prepared of course and do steps 1 – 9 it will help but don’t forget to be you, it’s ok if you stumble a little, or re-phrase something it doesn’t haven’t to be perfect and remember to smile!


Having a good video interview could be the first step in securing that exciting new dental position, so when virtually meeting with an employer treat it just like a face-to-face interview. It doesn’t hurt to be fully prepared, and it can impress your interviewer.  You should always be able to link your skills and experience to the role and be able to articulate this as well as why a particular employer is of interest to you.

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