4 Tips Every Dentist Starting a Private Practice Must Know

Taking on dentistry as a career is the dream of many individuals across Britain. One of the first choices you must take upon completing your training program in dentistry is whether to work for a corporate group or to push for private practice. 

For the brave new dentists charging for the private practice route, the first hurdles you may experience can hit you smack in the face if you aren’t prepared properly. By planning accordingly and putting the foundations in place, you can prepare your dentistry career towards the frontlines of success.

To help you in this regard, here are four of the most basic tips that all new dentists must know before you start your private practice.

Pick out a space

The first and most important step to take when considering a private practice is to pick out a suitable space to set-up. Aside from the convenience and accessibility of your office space for yourself, you must also consider the market of your commercial space’s surroundings.

While you may target your dentistry for affordable services for those who need it, remember that the basics of your practice require money to keep going. As such, knowing whether there is a market to cater to is required prior to setting-up. No matter how good you are at dentistry or how cheap your services are, if it’s inaccessible to those who would want it, then it’s a wasted effort.

Spread your network

It’s crucial to scope out the competition in your local area—not just to see who you’re up against, but to expand your own network of fellow dentists. While your businesses might be “against” each other, the goal of all dentists is to make the world a better place, one smile at a time.  

As such, it’s good to interact with other dentists. You can find relevant business information, certain cost-saving practices, and even refer some clients to each other. Furthermore, you can attend bigger dentist associations allowing everyone to benefit from a little bit more knowledge from each other’s practices.

Hand-pick your team

While you might think the burden of your practice is on your shoulders, it’s perfectly normal to have some company when performing difficult procedures. You can partner up with other fellow dentists or find experienced technicians and assistants to help you work things out. 

The best way to do this is to find talented dentistry professionals using reliable job boards and advertise through social media.

Invest in equipment

Understandably, you want to minimise your overhead costs of setting-up, but in some circumstances, it’s unwise to cut your budget. For your dental equipment, for example, it’s always best to get the newest and the latest gadgets. While they may be expensive, these will last you for years, while giving you the most advanced functionalities that all dentists will eventually start migrating to.


Starting a private practice as a dentist is an exhilarating challenge, which is why it’s essential to have the basics hammered down to ensure its success. By laying down the groundwork, you can create a business venture that will withstand the initial hardships of growing businesses, while gearing you for a long career in dentistry.

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