Dental Talent – How to Successfully Market Your Dental Practice to New Patients

A dental practice, like any business, needs consistent interest to grow. Any clinic would need about 24-50 new patients every month to maintain a healthy cash flow. To achieve this, a dental hygiene practice must price their offerings competitively, provide quality service, and have a solid marketing plan. Here are some things you could do to get started.

Establish a referral bonus system

Dental Talent How to Successfully Market Your Dental Practice to New Patients

Offer a referral system where you can reward regulars with bonuses like discounts or free dental products if they recommend your practice to a person in their network. You can also hand out referral cards at your clinic or include them in mailings.

Apart from asking clients to refer friends and family, you can also incentivise employees who can help you grow your practice and create a similar rewards scheme for personnel.

Market mostly to women

Dental Talent How to Successfully Market Your Dental Practice to New Patients Marketing

Women make 90 percent of healthcare decisions. In most households, women are the ones who decide on hospitals, clinics, and medical services for their families. Entice female household heads to choose your practice by focusing on details that contribute to your overall marketing image. Your logo, collateral, and packages can impact their decision.

Because of this, you should pay close attention to your competitors and what their packages contain. Focus on convenience; mothers appreciate before-and-after-school appointments, weekend availability, and other things that help them fit dentist appointments into their schedule.

Monitor your online presence

Though you might get your new patients through referrals, do not discount the possibility that they might look up your practice online. Do regular audits of your internet presence, and think of ways you can improve it. Positive Google reviews, an email newsletter, and useful feedback on third-party websites will help your practice.

If you send out a neighbourhood dental newsletter, it achieves two things. First, it establishes you as an authority in your field. Second, it helps people see your clinic in a friendlier, more personal way. Speak with your dental practice manager about a content plan for your newsletter.

Support your community

Dental Talent How to Successfully Market Your Dental Practice to New Patients Community

One of the best things you can do for your business is to be present in your community. Participate in community events and sponsor volunteer activities or neighbourhood celebrations. This is a way to seek out new clients while establishing your presence in your town.

Cultivate team buy-in

If your team shows that they believe in your product or your brand, it will be evident in how they perform their duties at work. Sit down with your personnel and get their thoughts about expansion. 

Do they believe that you need more clients, or have they convinced it only means more work? Do they know how to explain your services well, or do they just run down the list without offering insights?

The people who answer the phone or respond to requests are the ones whom new patients will associate with your company. The way they talk about your practice and services will have an impact on your marketing. The more invested your team is, the better they will be able to sell.


A business thrives or flounders based on people’s interests. If your employees and existing patients believe in your practice, you will always be able to find a new client. If you’re having trouble getting people to sign up for your services, rethink a few things about your marketing strategy.

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