Dental Talent – 3 Tips on How to Set Yourself Apart When Applying for Dental Work

Thanks to the fact that many Brits are shying away from the stereotype of having terrible teeth, the demand for quality in the dental industry has sharply increased, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

According to the findings of the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the need for skilled dental workers—such as dentists, assistants, and orthodontists—is more significant than ever with above-average growth rates. Seeing the quality of the job outlook and its potential for longevity, it seems like there’s no better time to be a dentist than today.

Amid the rising number of opportunities, however, a stark reality that aspiring professionals should note is that the market is rife with competition. No matter how desirable findings in reports may seem, the truth is that the dental job market is saturated and continues to leave many professionals on the brink of losing their jobs and seeking other career paths.

Overcome market saturation and find work efficiently with these tips

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If you’ve dedicated to becoming a rising dental professional by honing your talent, one goal you should have in mind is that you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition. Seeing that supply is outpacing demand, you’ll have to act fast if you want to start your career off on the right foot. Here are three tips to help you set yourself apart when applying for dental work:

Tip #1: Use the Internet to your advantage

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When it comes to finding work in the dental industry, it’s vital to consider the fact that the Internet is your best friend if you want to achieve the desired effect.

Tools, such as social media pages, online job search tools, and LinkedIn profiles will work to your advantage because they can be used to open up more opportunities for success. Finding more openings for a job with the help of the web can be improved even further by using Dental Talent’s platform to your advantage so that recruiting dental firms can easily find you!

Tip #2: Clean up your act

Remember how we said that the Internet is your best friend when it comes to finding work as a dental professional? It can also be your worst enemy if you don’t take care of your online image.

Recruiting dental professionals and firms today use the Internet to scout for options, put out more job listings, and run thorough background checks on job applicants. If you want to ensure that your efforts pay off, you don’t want a potential employer finding a controversial post or embarrassing drunk photo of yours, so clean up your profile before applying!

Tip #3: Find different ways to make your application stand out

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Generally, any open dental occupation application in the UK is bound to have at least five to six different applicants at any given time, making it even more challenging to find work. Fortunately, you can circumvent this threat by taking various measures to make your application stand out, such as:

  • Attractive covers
  • Well-written introductory letters
  • Portfolios of past work with satisfied clients
  • Attached copies of certificates, grades, and recommendation letters


Even though the UK dental work industry continues to grow in demand, finding a job remains as tricky as ever because the market becomes even more saturated by the day. Fortunately, you can stake your claim and have an easier time landing the position you’ve always longed to have by following the three tips mentioned above!

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