Dental Talent – 3 Functions of Dental Nurses Proving Their Importance

Dental nurses are often underestimated in the field. Though they are talented dental professionals with a complex set of skills, most people make the incorrect and offensive assumption that nurses are there simply to use the suction. However, their position in a dental practice cannot be assailed.

They Aid Dentists

In an emergency procedure, every second and millisecond is crucial. In such cases, you want not only a talented dentist in your corner but a talented nurse as well. Dentists and nurses can build such a rapport that the nurse seems to know what the dentist needs next—even without a word between them.

Not only that, but they are qualified to aid in complex dental procedures as well. After all, there are many times when more than one set of hands is needed to enact that particular step in your treatment.

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Dental nurses also often have the task of managing the day-to-day aspects of a dental practice. Dentists often task them with managing the schedule and coordinating with patients about appointments and treatment.

They Promote Better Patient Interaction

As we have mentioned before, dental nurses might be tasked with patient coordination. This is often taken a step further, as these nurses often serve as a buffer to assuage patient apprehensions. People are afraid of dental procedures and those who perform them, but this fear excludes nurses.

For anyone to be an effective dental nurse, they must create a comfortable environment for patient recovery. After all, the procedure might not be pleasant, but every other aspect can be.

These professionals are also fully equipped to educate patients about their condition and to teach them about what they can do to improve their oral health. They have the social skills needed to help make it easier for patients.

They Help Prepare for Procedures

Many procedures require complex preparations for them to proceed smoothly. The right tools, a sterile environment, and a comfortable patient are just some of the things tasked to a dental nurse. Many dental procedures might be considered minor, but even just the smallest mistake or thing out of order can complicate it.

Just one tool left unclean can leave a patient with severe infections. A mistake in the coordination of schedules can compromise the long-term treatment of certain conditions. Essentially, part of a dental nurse’s job is to minimise small errors, so they do not become big and expensive problems.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the dental industry, there is no such thing as a small role. Just as every tool has its own set of uses, so too do the professionals. While you might see dental nurses as assistants to dentists, this is no small feat by any means. Dental nurses are licensed to aid in essential and possibly lifesaving procedures that fix what is wrong and improve a patient’s quality of life.

After all, when it comes to the oral health of a patient, no mistakes can be made. Their role is vital to maintaining the good standing of any dental practice.

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