Dental Talent – 5 Tips for Finding UK Dental Jobs Online during the Pandemic

Looking for dental jobs online in the UK is not easy, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Many dental businesses temporarily halted their operations or closed down completely. Fortunately, you can try different ways to pursue your career in the dental industry even during troubling times. Here are some tips for exploring more job opportunities and find the right one for you:

Use digital platforms

You don’t have to go from one dental practice to another to look for job opportunities. Take advantage of online platforms and establish yourself as a reputable professional in the dental industry. Create a well-written curriculum vitae (CV) and update your LinkedIn profile. You can also use these digital platforms to network with other dental professionals.

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To create a CV that will set you apart from other applicants, showcase your relevant experience, skills, and education and place your career objectives at the top of the page. Look for the requirements for the role you are applying for and incorporate all of these into your CV and cover letter.

If you are new to the industry, no need to worry! You can still impress your potential employer and gain a competitive advantage over other applicants by making sure to highlight any relevant hands-on training you have, such as on-the-job experience.

Explore medical job boards

One of the best ways to find job opportunities relevant to your expertise is to explore job boards for dentistry. Using niche job boards specifically for your medical industry ensures you can find dental jobs and listings. Here, you can find prospective employers and see their exact job requirements. Look for a quality job board like ours to reduce your job search time and increase your chances of finding quality dental jobs.

Check local area listings

Checking local area listings allows you to see dental practices and clinics, which helps you work in a specific location. You can also use job boards and its location filter feature on their search function to search for location-specific dental jobs.

Reach out to these dental businesses directly to ask for any dental job vacancies available. You can also opt to introduce yourself in person if their locations are convenient for you.

Contribute to dental industry publications

One way to be noticed by your fellow dental professionals is to write engaging and informative articles and opinion pieces for websites, magazines, and journals specialising in the dental industry. Make sure these are well-researched, valuable, and insightful to highlight your skills and excellent understanding of your expertise.

Learn more about dental industry

Learning should continuously take place beyond the classroom. As a dental professional, stay updated with the latest developments, trends, and news in the dental industry to better serve your patients. Do your research and subscribe to online industry journals, magazines, and websites, like The British Dental Association (BDA) and The British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN).


Searching for dental jobs in the UK may be difficult, mainly because of COVID-19. If you don’t know where to start your job search online, follow the tips listed above. Whether you want to work as a dental assistant or a dentist, you can boost your chances of landing your ideal job and take active steps to forward your career!

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