Dental Talent – 3 Ways Dentists Can Enhance Their Curriculum Vitae

The dental industry in the UK is rife with competition; that’s why aspiring dentists need to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of hiring managers to get ahead in their careers. Confidence in your training, experience, and skills can get you far, but these points don’t necessarily leave a lasting impression if you don’t have the papers to show for it.

That’s why writing a curriculum vitae is a cornerstone of success for many professions, and dentistry is no exception. If you want to set a strong image and climb up straight on the interview shortlist, the list below should help you write a CV that is sure to put the spotlight on your unique talents.

Tip #1: Use Bullet Points to Make Your CV Reader-Friendly

Hiring managers go through CVs all day in search of the ideal candidate, which means they don’t have the time to sit through your biography, no matter how interesting it may seem. The best way to highlight your skills, key experiences, and other winning characteristics is to write them down in bullet form to make them scannable.

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A bullet form format should give busy recruiters some quick pointers about your skills and capabilities, making it excellent support to your descriptive statements. It also serves as an informative breather that breaks up long sentences, making your CV look readable even at a glance.

Tip #2: Put Critical Information at the Top

Many people love stories that build the climax, but when it comes to boosting your fighting chance to land a job, jumping the gun on the first round would be more impactful. As mentioned above, hiring managers are often pressed for time, so it’s better to provide important information at the top of your CV.

Before anything else, it’s better to start with your most recent and relevant work experience since it holds more weight than your previous training and other qualifications. If you went to a prestigious dental school, placing it at the top should also work in your favour.

Tip #3: Make Your CV Stand Out by Ensuring It’s Visually Impressive

A dull-looking CV is easy to miss, but adding visual flair to it can help give it a unique edge that can ensure your application stays afloat amongst the competition. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice readability for flashy fonts, but organising information in a visually appealing manner can improve the reading experience for hiring managers.

Using solid colour can also make your CV pop out in the sea of black and white, strengthening your position in the job market.

The Bottom Line: Improving Your Dental Portfolio and Setting Strong First Impressions With Your CV

A strong and effective CV should highlight your skills and define your character, both of which should give hiring managers a compelling reason to think you’re a budding cream of the crop in the dental industry.

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