Dental Talent – Before You Submit Your Cover Letter – 3 Editing Tips

The dentistry job market can be competitive, especially now that healthcare is a priority for most nations. Like applying for any job, dental practices are looking for particular individuals with the right skill sets. This is why it’s necessary to have a compelling résumé together with a well-written cover letter for your application.

Being cautious before you submit your job application

A cover letter is just as essential as your resume, especially if you’re competing against numerous applicants in the field of dentistry. This letter of intent can be what separates you from other candidates, which is why you need to be particular with your words and formatting.

Before you get eager about submitting your job application, here are three cover letter editing tips you should take note of:

1. Avoid repeating your CV’s contents

Many job applicants generally commit the mistake of repeating their CV’s contents on their cover letter. It happens primarily because people think listing achievements is enough to prove their qualifications. This defeats the purpose of including a separate document in the first place.

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Although your cover letter should include some references to your work experiences, it should have more bearing on why you’re the ideal candidate for the job opening. Explain how your experiences or job history makes you adept enough to handle the prerequisites of the job you’re applying for. You can reflect on your management skills in handling medical files or confidence in dealing with patients through online and face-to-face interactions. Backing up your claims with the right work history is an excellent combination to prove your credibility as a good employee.

2. Stand out by avoiding generic cover letter tropes

Hiring managers sift through tens of hundreds of job application emails whenever they release a job opening post. Because of this, they already have a good eye for what’s expected and typical of job applicants. These submissions can sound off and a little bit impersonal to them, making it a matter of checking their credentials to see if they make the second cut.

Although it’s important to have a decent résumé to back up your eligibility, it’s essential to establish what you can add to the company through your individuality. This is why it’s necessary to make a great first impression by doing your research and showing your personality through your writing.

3. Get a second opinion to proofread your letter

Simple grammar mistakes can be the easiest ones to miss, mainly when you’re focusing too much on your cover letter’s content. Hiring managers will be very particular about your typos and these can be enough grounds to dismiss your application. This is why it’s necessary to proofread your draft several times to detect any errors. You can also use proofreading apps to ensure that you’re using the right wording for your letter’s message.

Although you may want to submit it after going through multiple self-checks, it’s still best to have another person proof it. Sometimes, your wording only makes sense when you read it and not by someone else. Because of this, you need a second opinion to assess the tone and intention of your words.


It pays to be overly cautious about submitting your job application to a potential employer. First impressions will have a considerable impact on your eligibility as an employee, which can have heavier stakes if you’re applying for your dream company. Thankfully, job applicants now have an easier way to connect with industry names through job hiring maangers.

Now that you’re ready to write your cover letter, it’s time to send it out to potential employers. We are a dental job board that can help you find employment with the right dental facilities. Connect with numerous dental practices in your area by contacting us today!