Dental Talent – 5 Must Have Qualities of a Practice Manager

Your Practice Manager is responsible for running and coordinating daily administrative duties in your dental practice. To ensure smooth and efficient day-to-day operations, it’s important to hire a professional who holds goals, values, ideals, and visions that align with yours. 

Looking for the right candidate for your dental business can be challenging, especially if there are many qualified people vying for the position. Once you have narrowed down your choices, here are some qualities you should look for in a candidate:

Good work ethic

Work ethic refers to the effort, commitment, and responsibility that a candidate is willing to exert in their job. This is important because if you end up hiring a Practice Manager with poor work ethic, you can end up missing dental appointments, keeping wrong dental records for patients, or experiencing major delays in your operations.

Take a look at their curriculum vitae to check their work experience and call up some references to get a better idea of their previous performance.


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A part of your practice manager’s job is coordinating tasks, and it involves interacting with clients and other team members regularly to file data and client reports and handle various concerns. To manage several tasks effectively, they should be approachable and friendly to make sure that your team is comfortable working with them and promote a functional dental clinic.

Excellent communicator

Many patients are hesitant to go to a dental practice due to fear and anxiety. Your practice manager is one of the faces of your business. They will be interacting with your clients about dental records, appointments, and procedural concerns, so they must be charismatic and a good talker to keep your clients as calm and as comfortable as possible.  


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In general, your practice manager’s responsibilities will depend on your team size. They may be able to focus on a particular task like filing patient records and managing your schedule if you have a big team. Meanwhile, they may be expected to help with more administrative tasks to cover for unfilled positions, such as scheduling patient appointments, sending out laboratory requests to technicians, taking calls, and cleaning the office and dental equipment.

Accomplishing these tasks is vital for a smooth-running dental practice. It’s important that the candidate you’re about to hire is proactive, takes initiative at work, and can follow instructions properly.

Detail oriented

Patient information, financial reports, and other important documents are crucial to your business, and this requires proper handling, management, and organization. Make sure that the person responsible for this task has a sharp eye and can spot incorrect or inaccurate details right away, especially when entering client data.


A Practice Manager provides administrative support for a smoother and more efficient operation of your dental practice. When hiring for one, make sure they possess the must-have qualities listed above by collaborating with your team and asking the right questions during the interview. Meanwhile, you can use a recruitment platform for dental practitioners to have an easier time looking for potential candidates.

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