Dental Talent – 5 Tips to Hiring a Great Hygienist for Your Practice

While dental practices must provide high-quality and affordable services, this often isn’t possible without hiring the right people for the job. Dental recruitment is often overlooked as part of maintaining a practice, as the interaction between patients and dental professionals are crucial to providing the optimal experience.

Going through a dental recruiter will help you find the ideal hygienist that knows how to take great care of your patients. In fact, hiring the right hygienist and utilising them correctly adds significant value to your practice, which can quickly shoot you to the top. Here are five tips for finding and hiring a fantastic hygienist for your dental practice:

Determine Their Compatibility for Your Practice

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One of the most essential qualities you need to keep in mind when putting up dental hygienist jobs in London is assessing their rapport with your practice. You’ll have to make sure that the candidate is a good fit for your practice, team, and culture. While you may find someone with a stellar résumé and impressive credentials, they may not work so well if they clash with your work environment.

When you interview them, you’ll have to ask revealing questions to get a pulse on their personality. Find out their chairside manner, how well they interact with others, and how they deal with a hectic schedule. It’s also essential to find out their enthusiasm and willingness to learn to find out how invested they are in furthering their career.

List Your Expectations

Another tip for hiring the perfect hygienist for your practice is to list down your expectations, refine them, and share it with your candidates during the hiring process. It also gives you a way to measure their performance, such as meeting your expectations once you hire them. Your expectations can range from being on time to forming great relationships with patients.  Having this with you when you hire will guide you towards a suitable candidate for the role.

Create a Healthy Work Environment

A positive, healthy work environment is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. When people aren’t treated right at the workplace, they’re well aware of greener pastures, and wouldn’t hesitate to leave. Creating a productive environment will help you keep employees that are essential to your practice, especially if they are happy and satisfied with everything you are offering them. Such an office culture also creates loyal employees, allowing you to provide the same level of service to your patients for many years.

Include Your Hygienist in the Treatment Process

Although you, as the dentist, are the only one who is authorised to diagnose patients, you can still involve your hygienist in the treatment process to call your attention to certain things during an exam. The hygienist is also crucial for discussing with you about how a new patient feels about specific procedures, such as replacing a missing tooth. Patients often give hygienists valuable feedback that can help you improve your practice and chairside manner, as they spent more time with hygienists in general.

Compensate Fairly

Lastly, another critical aspect of finding and hiring an excellent hygiene professional for your practice is to offer fair compensation for their services. If you’re not sure of what the figure looks like, it’s best to consult with dental recruitment companies, as they can give you a more accurate figure. The average salary of a hygienist often varies depending on your location, so you’ll want to make sure you do enough research to avoid turning off a stellar candidate for the role.


Hygienists are a valuable asset to every dental practice, and finding one who is extraordinary at their job will advance your business by leaps and bounds. However, finding a great one for your practice is often quite challenging. With these five tips, you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect hygienist.

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