Dental Talent – 5 Tips to Nail Your Second Interview

So now you’re up for a second interview—that’s great! Although this can make you feel mixed emotions, such as delight for passing the first interview, and perhaps, some frustration because you need to go to another one. The frustration can likely turn into something negative, which can hurt your chances. Therefore, you need to prepare for the second interview properly and convince them that you’re the best candidate for the job. Here’s how you can focus on that second interview positively:

The first thing you need to know is that second interviews are a chance for you to redeem yourself further. Hiring managers or HR use this to explore your motivational fit with the organisation. Typically, the second interview involves different and/or multiple interviewers. Indeed, the second interview can be daunting, but now that you have the chance to go through it, you need to get it right.

Reflect on the First Interview

How did the first interview go? Look back on the questions and your answers in that interview and analyse if there’s anything you forgot to mention or could have answered better. Think of this as your chance to revisit any questions you feel like you didn’t respond to well and use the second interview to enhance them.

Refresh Your Knowledge

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Likely, you have applied for several companies, and it’s natural to forget some critical details about each company—unless it’s the company you want to work in. It doesn’t hurt to refresh your knowledge about the role and the company, because one thing’s for sure: on the second interview, you’ll be expected to have significant knowledge about them at this stage.

Prepare Your Answers

It’s difficult to predict what questions may come up on the second interview, which is why it’s a great idea to reflect on the first one. You may also need to prepare answers to common interview questions and your interviewer will likely quote your first interview back at you and expect you to expound on or explain your answers.

Ask Questions

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During interviews, you should also ask questions as well. Have at least one or two questions to ask the interviewer. Keep in mind that you’re very close to getting a job offer, and it will be a bit off if you don’t have any questions at this point. Ask questions specific to the role you’re applying for because this will show that you researched. A good one will be to ask about current projects or the tasks that you’d be working on if you get the job.

Don’t Assume You’ve Already Got the Job

Remember, you can still get turned down even if you got invited to a second interview; therefore, keep your cool. Don’t be overly confident, and look at it as your first interview. Prepare, be professional, and make sure to thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity.

Get That Job

Second interviews are just as important as the first one. Therefore, you need to approach it right, you can do so by preparing. Research, reflect on the first interview and ask questions. Most importantly, keep in mind that a second interview doesn’t mean you already got the job. Keep your feet on the ground and stay positive. Who knows, you might just bag it this time?

Second interviews can be daunting, but it’s a big step. If you’re looking for private dentist jobs in the UK, Dental Talent is the place to search. Browse our jobs today!