Dental Talent – 6 Practical Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out – Our Guide

The dental field is brimming with so many professionals over the past years. You can even say that the competition is tough in this industry. Whether it’s your first time to apply or not, remember that your CV plays an important role. Your CV should stand out as this is the first thing recruiters would see. For this reason, how do you make your resume stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of people all vying for the same role as you?

In the sections below, we will share six practical tips on how to make your CV appealing to prospective employers:

Begin Strong With Your Cover Letter

Most employers, as well as recruiters, require a cover letter along with your CV. With that, it only makes sense that you capture the attention of the recruiter from the start, which is why you need to start strong. Begin your cover letter with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments over the years that are related to the position you’re applying for. Keep in mind to keep it short and brief—nobody likes to read a long cover letter!

Focus On Results Instead Of Responsibilities

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In your previous jobs and experiences, you’ve likely had responsibilities, and these will look good on your CV. However, your responsibilities don’t say a lot when it comes to showing how qualified you are. This is because most likely, you’ll have similar duties in the position you’re applying for. Because of this, it only makes more sense to focus on the results (and emphasise them) to make your resume stand out. You can also use quantifiable data to showcase your accomplishments!

Keep The Layout Interesting And Easy To Read

A good layout of a resume will easily capture the attention of your recruiter. Add a professional photo of you, and be careful not to make your resume look like a stationary. Keep in mind that the layout must look professional and easy to read at the same time.

Showcase Your Knowledge Of Clinical Governance

Regardless of the position that you’re applying for, letting the employer know about your knowledge of clinical governance is essential and mandatory. Put into detail any clinical audits you have done, along with risk management projects you’ve accomplished or research studies you participated in. This will make your CV more appealing!

Demonstrate Your Industry Insight

When you show your awareness of the industry you’re getting into, it will show the recruiter that you have the ability to stay on top of trends. With this, you will be a more likely candidate, and it could even help you reach the next level of the application process.

Make Use Of Power Words

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Power words help highlight your strengths that will give your resume more impact. For this reason, be sure to polish your vocabulary and use strong words that will leave a lasting first impression.

A crucial tip to remember is that many companies use software to filter out candidates who don’t use specific keywords. This is why you must study the job description and know exactly what the company is looking for before you send a CV!


Crafting the perfect CV can be time-consuming, yet it’s a chance for you to show off your skills and accomplishments to your potential employer. Take the time to create a CV that will stand out, and you might just get that dream job. Remember, your career starts with your resume, so you better make sure it’s worth a second glance!

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