Dental Talent – 3 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent For Your Dental Practice

Running a successful dental practice heavily relies on building the right team, but hiring candidates is not as straightforward as it seems. Top talents make a successful dental office, which means creating an effective recruiting strategy is critical if you want to attract the best of the bunch in the job market.

Without the right people to lead different departments in your dental clinic, all aspects of your business can suffer. Moving past the challenges in dental recruiting is tricky, but with the right opportunity, you can address the hiring gaps that need to be filled for you to solidify your position in the industry.

With that in mind, the tips below should give a rundown on how to assemble a winning team for your dental practice:

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Tip #1: Improve Your Job Description

The key to attracting qualified candidates is to offer a clearly-defined job opportunity. Of course, interested applicants will only fit the bill if you know the purpose behind your open positions, so be sure to understand exactly what you need before sharing your job opening.

The best job description should not only list down the person’s responsibilities but emphasize the importance of their role in your practice. It should also answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the role?
  • What day-to-day tasks should the employee expect?
  • What are the other responsibilities they need to perform?
  • How will the position be supervised?
  • What tools, equipment, or computers do they need?
  • What are the other soft skills they should have?

Tip #2: Provide A Customised Business Application Form

Professionals spend their time improving their CV, but employers often find the information generic in most cases. There are talents that can stand out from the competition, but even a compelling resume is not enough to give you valuable insight into how they will fit your practice.

Seeing the importance of understanding their character, you can help narrow down your choices by sending a customised practice application form to your shortlisted candidates. This creates an opportunity to get to know the top picks beyond their CV, allowing you to explore how their skills can benefit your vision.

Those who pass the initial screening process will simplify the next phase of your recruitment, giving you only qualified applicants for the interview.

Tip #3: Determine The Best Traits That Will Impact Their Position

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A CV with a long-list of awards will do nothing to push your practice forward if it doesn’t provide value to the specific position you need. When analysing the applicant’s resume, be sure to establish requirements that allow you to analyse their performance in relation to their role in your team.

Some ways to define the characteristics that impact their performance include their personality and previous experiences. It helps to take the time to contact their former employers to verify their claims, which can give you peace of mind later on.

The Bottom Line: Attracting The Top Candidates For Your Dental Practice

A dental practice can only be successful if there’s a strong team behind the scenes, so it helps to create a winning recruitment strategy. Doing so will ensure you hire the right job-seekers to complete your dental team.

How Can We Help Improve Your Hiring Strategies?

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