Dental Talent – Calling for Recruits – Challenges Employers Will Face in 2021

All industries are affected by high unemployment rates, primarily due to the onset of symptoms of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic combined. This presents a myriad of challenges for talent acquisition, putting a dent in many companies’ growth and expansion plans. If you think your sector is free from the adverse effects of this situation, think again. This problem is also present in the healthcare industry, stretching from major hospitals to private dental practices.

Dealing with recruitment challenges in 2021

Numerous economic and geopolitical conditions factor into the difficulty of sourcing new talent. This is why it’s vital for business owners to recognise and compensate for these situations by being proactive in their recruitment practices.

In this article, we will help you prepare for 2021 by anticipating these three recruitment challenges.

1. Too many applicants to sift through

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A consequence of changing geopolitical conditions and prevailing economic downturn is a surge of axed employees. The coronavirus alone is responsible for massive layoffs across different sectors, with some industries suffering more than most. This leads to many job hunters in the market hungry for a second chance at employment. The logistical responsibilities alone of sifting through too many applicants are enough to make any HR officer feel stressed. Unfortunately, there’s not really a great solution to trimming down hundreds of properly submitted job applications besides pushing through with each one.

2. Not getting the right applicants

Although a high volume of job applicants can seem like a positive problem, another complication arises if you’re getting the wrong applicants. Industries have specific benchmarks for professional qualifications. However, some openings are accessible to people without trade experience. Unfortunately, this leads to an influx of less-than-impressive applicants for their openings.

For example, there are generally no issues with hiring a dental nurse with limited work experience from other management positions. However, you’re basically settling for less when you don’t have better choices to work with. The low turnout of preferable applicants can end up forcing employers to limit their options to what’s available more than what they need.

3. Having a weak employer brand

One way to mitigate the issue of attracting the wrong job applicants is by publishing your job postings to the right audience. Your employer brand will have a more targeted reach if you’re building your rapport in the right social and industry circles. However, some businesses can appear alien and unknown even to the right talent pool.

It’s necessary to identify where you stand against your competitors and in your industry. Doing so will guide you on how you can curate your brand’s presence on online platforms. Promoting consistency in your appeal as an employer, your company’s goals and the benefits you can provide is an excellent way to match with the right recruits.


The UK’s economic and geopolitical landscape is still unclear, with numerous factors depending on responses from authorities more than anything. This is why business owners are left to their own devices in facing the recruitment challenges above. Thankfully, numerous online portals allow business owners to connect with specific talent pools. These job hiring portals can range from warehouse employees to dental nurses. Finding the right platform for your industry will give you a strategic advantage in finding the right applicants for your job openings.

Thanks to the internet, there are numerous recruitment centres hosted on online platforms to solve your company’s recruitment dilemma. Dental Talent is a dentistry specific website that can find the ideal employee to fill in your job openings. Connect with numerous certified dental professionals in your area by contacting us today!