Dental Talent – Designing a Remote Friendly Recruitment Process – Our Guide

Job applicants now have more negotiating power to the table when selecting their employers. Because of this, employers need to meet their potential applicants halfway if they want to have access to a more extensive talent pool. Thankfully, you can expand your employee hunting efforts by focusing on a remote-friendly recruitment process.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s restriction on face-to-face interactions opened a floodgate of opportunities for alternative business models and work practices. One of those many discovered realities is that no one likes waiting in line. Live interviews can be a hassle for the employer and the applicant when it can be just as easy to undergo a remote-friendly recruitment process. By embracing modern tools like video conferencing platforms and digital workspaces, businesses can mitigate the logistical and time-bound issues of face-to-face recruitment procedures.

In this article, we’ll share a five-step guide on designing a remote-friendly recruitment process.

Step#1: Curate a careers page

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Job hunters are more proactive in looking for openings in companies they want to work for. Besides posting your job openings online, you need to be more accommodating to your applicants by curating an easy-to-access careers page. This should include any potential openings for roles that can come up at any point in time. You can host this on your LinkedIn page or your official website.

Step#2: Simplify your employment process

Your employee recruitment process should be detailed and straightforward enough to attract ideal talent. This means you should represent yourself as a reliable brand that looks for the right qualities applicable to your job opening. List down every prerequisite you’ll need from official IDs, comprehensive CVs and their cover letter. If there are specific output or supplementary documents they should submit, like a portfolio link or contact references, make sure to include it on your careers page.

Step#3: Respond to your candidates

Hundreds upon thousands of applicants look for work every day by trying their luck in applying to their niche industry. This is why many of them are already familiar with no response as a denial. Your business should avoid ignoring applicants even if they’re not a good fit for the next step of the recruitment process. Responding as a courtesy to denied entries in the employment process isn’t just about confirming expectations; it’s also about building your employer brand. The more agreeable your public image is on employment practices, the more credible you’ll appear to aspiring applicants and investors.

Step#4: Format your interview

For applicants moving toward the next stage of the recruitment process, an interview is necessary to know who your prospective recruits are beyond their skills and work experience. Companies have varying practices in the interview phase, but all interviews involve introducing the applicant’s future workplace. This includes setting salary expectations, work hours and more. Establishing the right environment and mindset that your applicant should expect in your workplace is an excellent way to gauge if they’ll be a good candidate to invest in.

Step#5: Onboarding

There’s more than one way to introduce an applicant to your company. You can utilise virtual tours to give them an idea of their future workplace. On the other hand, you can stick to orienting them about the organisational workflow to get them up to speed on your company’s daily routine. Like converting a customer, your goal is to assure the applicant that they are making the right choice by signing up with your brand.


Finding the ideal job applicant can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right connections.  Collaborating with online platforms gives you greater chances to find the ideal candidate for your industry-specific job openings. At Dental Talent, we can promote your dentistry jobs in the UK to simplify your recruit process. Sign up with us today to connect with the ideal dental professionals in your area!