Dental Talent – Essential Items Every Applicant Should Bring on a Job Interview

You’ve finally got the callback you’ve been waiting for from your dream company. After days of preparation, the big day comes and you need to impress your interviewer to get the best chance of landing the job. While pre-interview preparation is quite important, you need to remember to bring a couple of things that may come in handy during the interview itself.

Here are a few things you should always bring in an interview:

Several Copies of Your CV

When you submitted your application to the company they may have already asked for a digital copy of your CV; however, it’s best to bring several more printed copies of your CV before going into the interview. There’s always a chance that your interviewer wasn’t given a printout of your CV. Besides, do you expect to ask your interviewer to leave and print their own copy of your CV? Perhaps not.

Prepared Questions

It may sound like a standard spiel by an interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. That may be the case, but there’s actually a good reason for that. Being able to ask questions to the interviewer means you are very much interested in the position. You may have done your research, but it shows foresight and planning on your part if you’ve prepared a couple of questions for the interviewer.

Pen and Paper

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A good soldier never goes to battle without a weapon in hand. In your case, a candidate shouldn’t step into an interview without a trusty pen and paper to write with. This is another good initiative to show your interviewer how much you are interested in joining their company. As you ask questions, taking down notes will convey your interest and ensure you won’t forget any important information about the company.


Entering a building for your interview will require you to go through some security checks. Presenting your identification and photo will guarantee your entry into the building. It might seem a no-brainer, but imagine the horror of not being able to make it to your interview just because you left your ID at home!

List of References

Interviewers don’t always ask for a list of references—but it’s best to have them with you. There’s always the option to send it over through email, but giving it to them personally is much better. Again, you want to look prepared, professional, and confident. With your list of references at the ready, you can show that your commitment and work ethic is backed by real people you’ve worked with.

Positive Attitude

You have all the material things you need for the interview. The only thing that’s missing is a positive attitude to help you through the interview process itself! It also helps to arrive a little early at the venue as it gives you time to prepare yourself psychologically. How you’re currently feeling will definitely reflect on the way you answer your interviewer’s questions.


Hours or days of planning and preparation should go to every interview you’re about to engage in. On the day of your interview, you also need to bring a couple of essentials, like your pen and paper, copies of your CV, and any pertinent documents that you might need. Last but not least, bring your A-game and a sound state of mind to help you land that job!

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