Dental Talent – Have a Successful Dental Practice With These Habits – Part 1

If you want to be successful, you need to have the right habits set. This applies to all types of career, but it’s even more challenging if you have a dental practice. The changing nature of the practices, new technologies, and many more have dentists continually adjusting to meet these changes and innovations. There is also the ever-changing perceptions of dentistry in general. Still, there need to be set habits to cope with all of these changes, and here are some of the most effective ones:

First Things First

Dentists who are growing a practice will have a lot of new ideas to try out. From new equipment to buy to new things to learn, the list could go on forever. It doesn’t take long for it to take its toll on a dentist. That is why it’s important to do the most important things first. This is where prioritising comes to play.

If you want to be successful in your dental practice, what you need to do is prioritise and get the most important things sorted out first. Besides prioritising, it’s also crucial you delegate your tasks because you can’t handle more than two things at once all on your own. Focus on things that only you can do and delegate to other people other functions of your practice like your marketing, billing, communications and finances.

Have the Right Team

When you have prioritised and know the things you need to delegate, it’s time to gather the right team to get the job done. Make sure not to rush this step, because hiring the wrong person will hurt your practice.

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During the hiring process, make sure you create a detailed job description and make your job listings stand out by using action words. Make sure to include a salary range as well. It’s crucial to have your listing on a reputable platform, such as Dental Talent.

Once you receive responses, carefully review CVs. Remember not to focus only on their list of skills, but you should also look for red flags as well. Filter your list; and when you finally have applicants who you think will be perfect for the job, conduct phone interviews and have pre-employment testing with the use of modern assessment tools.

Seek Advice

There are many veteran dentists and dental practice owners out there from whom you can get advice. These people have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, which can help you with your practice. The best way to do this is to reach out to a mentor who will help you create ideas and make informed decisions. What’s good about mentors is that they don’t have a hidden agenda, and they’re only invested in your success!


A successful dental practice takes time, experience, skills and knowledge. However, despite having all these things, they won’t work if you don’t have the right habits set in place. These three essential habits we’ve mentioned above will have you kickstart your dental practice at the right time and build the momentum you need. Read the next part for more habits you should know by heart to have a successful dental practice.

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