Dental Talent – Our Dental Recruitment Guide to Hiring the Right Staff

If you’re planning to start your dental practice or expand your clinic, getting the right workforce is a must. Whether you’re looking for dental practitioners or administration staff, you need to ensure they’re competent, specialised and committed to the values, ideals, and functions of your practice. This is where dental recruitment comes into the picture.

However, the problem is that dental recruitment is often easier said than done. Not only is it just about looking for the right candidates, but it is also about identifying their knowledge, skills, specialisation, and experiences. Most importantly, it’s about hiring the right individuals who will compose your team and contribute to your overall success.

If you want to know how to hire the right staff, we’ve prepared this practical guide for your dental recruitment plans:

1. Decide on the number of candidates

Whether you’re jumpstarting your dental practice or looking to have an addition to your dental team, you must first think of the number of employees you’re planning to hire. Composing your team will prove to be a bit challenging as you need to consider the areas of specialisation you need to fill in. If you want to expand further from providing general or preventive dentistry to restorative or cosmetic dentistry, you have to look for specialists who have the license and training.

2. Begin the interview process

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Once you have decided on the number of employees, you can go ahead and begin the interview process. At the same time, you have to check and collate all the applications you’ve received and look into interviewing a list of worthy prospects. In this case, it’s best to narrow down your list based on the field of expertise you need by choosing candidates who are best suited for your practice. From there, you can conduct the interview to check their qualifications and credentials.

3. Consider the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences

During the interview and screening process, you have to factor in these four key aspects—knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences. First, you want to get a few dental practitioners who are well-acquainted with the industry’s ins and outs. Second, checking the specific skills in dental work is very critical as dental services vary from time to time. Third, be sure to opt for specialists who have an area of expertise, whether in preventive dentistry, oral surgery, or cosmetic dental work. Ultimately, you want to hire individuals who have a track record of experience in the industry so that you won’t have to spend time and money in training them.

4. Make the final decision and set proper expectations

After conducting your interviews, you will be ready to make the final decision. Once you have evaluated the four critical points mentioned previously, you’ll be able to decide on several candidates who are the best fit for your dental practice. However, keep in mind that dental recruitment doesn’t stop there! Once you’ve hired the right people, you must set proper expectations in place. Not only do these expectations include their actual scope of work, but they must also include how the team will be working together to achieve a common goal.


At this point, we’ve covered our practical guide to hiring the right staff for your dental practice. All it takes is to decide on the number of candidates, consider the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences, make the final decision, and set proper expectations.

If it helps, take advantage of a robust online platform for dental recruitment to help you search for and filter the right candidates. With all the key steps mentioned above, you will create a solid team who will all help your dental practice grow and succeed!

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