Dental Talent – The Best Way To Professionally Turn Down a Job Offer

It can be difficult to get a position with an independent dental practice in 2020, especially given the global pandemic. However, more recently, there has been a notable uptick in the number of reopening dental practices. There is now a renewed slew of dentistry jobs, given the backlog of patients that accumulated during the first quarter of 2020.

At this point, since you are a dental candidate looking for a job search, you are likely to get several offers from various practices all at once. This will be particularly true if you are working with a recruiter who has established connections in your area. That’s incredibly beneficial, as having numerous employment options means that you can decipher what your best career move is. Unfortunately, there’s another side to it: you now need to turn someone down.

Here are some tips in order to professionally turn down a job offer in the best way possible.

Do It Through a Phone Call

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A lot of possible employers find that email correspondence and text messages are absolutely acceptable ways to maintain communication, especially during the different stages of the application and interview process. However, when it comes to your decision regarding accepting or declining their offer, a phone call is still best. This is far more direct and professional, and lets them see you are not simply shying away from a situation that is awkward with the use of technology’s convenience.

Don’t Procrastinate

The second you are absolutely certain you no longer want to pursue a certain opportunity, let the practice know right away. Timeliness is crucial, and responding promptly shows respect and professionalism. It also enables the practice to move on to other candidates who could possibly be the right fit. Waiting for a long time before informing them of your decision is incredibly unprofessional. No matter what you do, do not “ghost” a practice by simply not responding at all.

Keep It Honest, Short and Specific

Look into the particulars of why you are choosing to decline the offer. Is the equipment of the practice a little dated compared to other private dentist jobs? Was it that the salary did not meet your expectations? Choose a specific point or two with regards to why the offer is not for you and you must decline. Present them in a straightforward way with honesty. However, do not forget to start with gratitude—thank the practice owner for the effort and time spent during the interview process.

Afterwards, you can list off the reasons you want to decline the offer in the first place. As much as possible, avoid mentioning anything personal such as “chemistry.” That leaves far too much room for misinterpretation. Stick to clear, objective reasons, then move on.


It is understandable to feel awkward or find some difficulty in turning down a job offer, especially when it is quite lucrative. There is actually a way to do it courteously and in a professional manner that will not cost you any burnt bridges. Take your time, weigh your options and go with what is best for you without inconveniencing anyone else.

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