Dental Talent – How Did COVID-19 Affect Dental Job Seekers This Year?

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are felt across the world. It continuously affects various sectors, including the dental industry. For instance, recruitment events were cancelled, dental businesses experienced monetary losses, and clinics realised the importance of digital marketplaces to keep their dental practices running.

Today, many dental job seekers continue to face uncertainty as the industry adapts to COVID-19 prevention protocols. Consider the following facts to help you navigate through these changes:

Some dental professionals had to consider a different career path

Several dental hygienists were forced to shut down their businesses forever, while others struggled to care and educate their patients. Unfortunately, a minority of dentists and clinical staff had to take jobs as they started over with their career to pursue non-clinical work.

At the onset, the pandemic may have served as an opportunity to venture into other professions and sectors. For instance, dental clinic staff may consider secretarial work. But the reality is several had to sacrifice their educational and professional development just to remain economically stable.

Demand for dental jobs increased

The CV writing business usually slows down in Autumn, but 2020 was different. That’s because many clinicians are actively looking for dental jobs and require well-written CVs. It is also noteworthy that job seekers and employers typically slow down their recruitment plans during the Autumn to prepare for next year. However, the opposite happened this year, and the job surge continues.

Additionally, a massive demand for dental job seekers began as COVID-19 guidelines started to ease to allow the economy to re-open safely. Some also explored dental recruitment advertising platforms and joined a group of dentists, hygienists, and laboratory technicians.

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Some individuals became practice managers and assistants for education to bolster dental career development and clinical excellence. However, many dental experts were concerned about health safety and welfare. In particular, they were concerned if complying with the personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols were manageable, especially in a dental clinic setting.

Several dental professionals found jobs as clinics re-open

In 2021, another job surge is expected to take place in the dental industry from January to June. However, many clinics had to consider less hiring to maintain their financial assets and profitability. But as the economy normalises, there may be clinics planning on making bold moves this year, and they will probably take risks and push through with their career plans in the coming year. They are likely to seize the opportunities as the economy eventually recovers.

The dental industry continues to adapt to the new normal

2020 has been a wild ride of dips and surges for the number of job seekers and job openings in the dental industry. For instance, January got off to a good start, but workload lightened starting March to April due to the coronavirus pandemic. Only time will tell if similar trends may occur in the coming months, but the key is to adapt and be ready for anything.

For instance, during lockdowns, many dental professionals realised the importance of investing time in professional reflection. It allowed them to leverage time for self-evaluation, seek training, and set concrete career goals. As such, it’s crucial for dental professionals like you to stay up to date on current events and be proactive in your personal and professional development!


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive job market shakeup, and many dental professionals were concerned about current and future uncertainties in their industry.

Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you may expect in the future. All you have to do is be prepared and look for opportunities to stay financially secure and practice your beloved profession!

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