Dental Talent – Why Poor Hiring Decisions Can Put Your Dental Clinic in Danger

For anyone that runs a dental practice, one of the biggest open secrets of the industry is that no practice is as successful or well-renowned as it is today without the right talent.

In recent years, the demand for service quality has risen to unprecedented heights because of the collective rise in consumer awareness—which is mainly thanks to the age of the internet and increasingly-educated patients. Expectations for quality service have risen so high in recent years to the point wherein the gold standard of the past has become the bare minimum of the present.

Now, isn’t that a surprising fact to think of, as a clinic owner in the ever-growing British dental industry?

As you grow more accustomed to the process of running a clinic and meeting all sorts of patient needs in the best way possible, it’s bound to become even clearer that your practice relies on good help to get by. The problem with all that’s happening, however, that demand has gotten to the point that vacancies make way for situations that can either make or break a clinic!

Unfortunately, there’s a grim truth that stems from all this: hiring the wrong person will definitely cause a clinic to tank and mark the end of a dental practice.

The tale of terrible hiring decisions

Nowadays, one of the prevalent issues that dental practices are facing today is that many practices are hiring the wrong people—resulting in serious damage to their operations, in the process. Compared to other industries, hiring matters are far more rigorous to the point where even the smallest of mistakes lead to the gravest of outcomes.

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Getting a practice manager that misrepresented their years of experience, for instance, can lead to a snowballing issue of overlapping bookings and dissatisfied customers. Having an inexperienced dental surgeon who you were willing to give the benefit of the doubt, on the other hand, will pose the risk of experiencing costly penalties and turbulent processes!

Regardless if it’s because of a falling-out with an old staff member or just due to retirement, losing a team member can put you in a tight spot—where you may end up feeling you have to be in a rush to fill in a vacancy! Seeing that you have a two-week or four-week notice on your hands, you may find yourself struggling between two possibilities to avoid an unwanted outcome.

So, what happens when you get the wrong help?

Although the saying of “any kind of help is good help” applies in most situations, the same can’t be said for the dental industry and its razor-thin margin for error. Conversely, the packed timeframe and potential repercussions that await if your reaction time is slow can make it feel like you have no other option but to immediately hire a professional without batting an eye.

During a time like this, where you have a position to fill and standards to keep up with, it’s safe to say that a bad hire can easily set your clinic back far more than you’d ever expect. Let’s look at some of the most pressing repercussions that come with poor hiring decisions:

  • Lowered productivity
  • Tarnished clinic reputations
  • Decreased profit (or increased losses)
  • Reduced team morale
  • Loss of opportunities to the competition

Considering the sheer stress that comes with filling in the gaps for your dental practice’s manpower-related concerns, you’ll need to approach the process in the most methodical and efficient manner.

Thankfully, enlisting the services of Dental Talent’s experts will help you keep everything airtight and ensure that you don’t experience any hiring issues that may hamper your practice’s progress!


Among the different resources that your dental clinic has, one of the most important ones that you can’t afford to overlook is the talent that you have in your team. If you fail to keep the hiring process as airtight as it should be and don’t uphold the talent-related standards that today’s industry abides by, then you’ll set yourself up for a poor situation!

Finding a capable prospective employee that will help your dental business get back up to spec can make for a difficult find. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for your dental recruitment needs! Check out our website today and browse through thousands of professionals in the UK for hire across job fields and positions that can help you best!