Dental Talent – Understanding Careers for Dentists – What You Didn’t Learn in School

Becoming one of the best dental associates can be a daunting task. You have to deal with the pressure of dental school and be recognised by the Dental Foundation Training to practice your craft. Despite that training, you will still have to deal with things that weren’t taught in dental school. 

Careers for dentists may have once seemed a novel thought when you were younger, but the real working environment is vastly different from what you were primed in school. You will have to tend to some cases that require much more than simply cleaning and pulling out teeth. That is why you, as one of the upcoming dental associates, must know what else comes with the job. 

Before you begin your Google search for “associate dentist jobs in the UK”, you need to study this article and consider what else comes with the daily demands of being a dentist. Whether you are looking to put up your own dental clinic in the future or practice in a big hospital, take note of these dentist-related demands. 

1. Manning the front desk 

Being a dentist in the real world starts with your first impression with your potential clients. You have to step in and be prepared to answer all their queries and requests, no matter how menial or basic they may be. While a dental clinic may have a front desk staff to take care of their customers, they are often not qualified to answer all of a client’s questions. Having a dentist, such as yourself, directly answer customer queries is the difference between night and day in the clinic, as it breeds trust and confidence with these potential patients.

As a dentist, prepare yourself to take up duties on the front desk. You will need to brush up on your social skills and be able to multitask—as you will be answering calls and scheduling appointments at the same time. You can either put your theory into practice by requesting to man the front desk yourself or be prepared to train the front desk staff in dealing with basic dental queries. 

2. Dealing with patients

One task that is akin to manning the front desk is relating to your patients. In dental school, you have been accustomed to the purely technical side of dentistry, such as properly dealing with a root canal or filling up cavities. What happens, however, when your patient wants these procedures but you were about to prescribe them something else? What if they say that their insurance can’t cover dental consultations? 

Most modern-day dental associates may not be trained in dealing with a patient’s demands and insurance-related queries—but you can charge it to experience. Take a moment to communicate with your patient even before having them sit on the dentist’s chair. 

Properly orienting the patient on their dental surgery or procedure helps you become a more accomplished dentist in the field. Additionally, knowing about the financial side of dentistry and various customer transactions will help keep your dental business afloat. 

3. Time management and the daily grind

Aside from these, another crucial component is making sure that both your time and theirs is not wasted—especially with the volume of patients every British clinic has to tend to on a daily basis. Over the course of a day, the quality of your dental work can easily deteriorate. This is could become a very real problem for you if you don’t learn to properly schedule patients and account for the daily grind. 

Remember, graduating from dental school has mostly been the theoretical practice, and a lot of the real-world time constraints were kept to a minimum. To account for this, make sure that you practice different time management techniques in the dental clinic setting. You can even learn to work together with other dental associates to divide and conquer the daily dentist grind!


Practising dentistry in school is vastly different from practising in an actual clinic, but you can learn to ace this challenge too. In fact, taking on a career in dentistry is a great learning experience towards becoming a highly competent individual. So take a page from this article and strive to become a professional dentist today!

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