Dental Talent – Ways to Implement a Social Distanced Hiring Process

Different workforce generations face unique problems that affect how well they approach and negotiate with a potential employer. Workers from the Baby Boomer generation are slowly reaching retirement age to give way for older Millennials to take over, together with the batch of Gen Z applicants.

Besides the generational shift in consumer behaviour, employees are also adapting their priorities and mindsets, which can be a mismatch to the traditional forms of hiring practices. Many businesses are retiring face-to-face interviews and 9-to-5 office arrangements for online interviews and work-from-home setups. These are just some of the crucial generational changes that business owners need to adapt to, especially during the time of COVID-19.

Are you hiring your employees properly?

COVID-19’s threat to workplace and hiring norms is a generational call for current establishments to adapt to modern hiring practices. This includes limiting occupants in the workplace and scaling down operations to at least 50%. The complications in work conditions can be problematic for healthcare establishments, like private dental practices, that need to have face-to-face interactions with their patients. Thankfully, there’s a way to follow social distancing protocols by significantly optimising the hiring process.

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Before you set to public your post for job applicants, here are three ways to implement a smooth and effective social distanced hiring process.

1. Establish goals and expectations

When you have a prospective recruit, the first thing to do is gauge their expectations of your company. Many applicants have a preconceived notion of what they’re applying for without realising that the reality is not what they should expect. This is necessary for positions like Virtual Assistants or Dental Nurses, which can have varying roles and responsibilities, depending on the company’s delegation of tasks. It’s important to clarify with your applicants the scope of these terms to ensure they’re willing to push through with the next stage for recruitment.

2. Test your applicant’s skill and ability

After confirming your applicant’s willingness to join your company, it’s vital to measure their practical ability in the position you’re offering. You can ask them to accomplish skill tests by filling out official company templates or providing a creative or practical output through online submissions. Some results will be more quantitative, while others can be more qualitative, depending on the job position you’re offering.

3. Gauge your applicant’s compatibility with your company culture

Some recruitment processes need to undergo trial periods before an employer can certify that their prospect is a good fit. This is where you can gauge if an applicant will be a good fit for the long-term.

Although an applicant can be a practical fit for your job opening, it’s a different issue regarding their compatibility with your company culture. It’s essential to affirm if an applicant will fit in with your work environment, not just on your practical business workflow but also in work chemistry with co-workers. You can gauge their compatibility by introducing them to key members of your team and giving a virtual tour of your office for on-site arrangements.


It’s not uncommon for businesses to welcome applicants who end up leaving a few weeks after getting the job. For some, it can happen more frequently than others, which should be a cause for alarm for today’s workforce generation. Sometimes, an employee’s stay in your company has a lot riding on how you present your company. Your hiring process needs to be as smooth as possible by eliminating unnecessary obstacles.

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