Dental Talent – What to Know When Looking for Your First Dental Job

Looking for your first dental job can be intimidating. Where do you begin? 

You might be dreaming of getting behind the chair and performing complicated dental procedures the moment you step out of graduate school, yet that’s not how it works. It all starts with you building a career in the dental field, which means that you may not get the position you want right away. 

If you’re in the search for your first dental job, here are five valuable tips to consider: 

1. Make Use Of Online Resources

Keep in mind that there are adequate resources you can find online if you want to know about dental job openings in your area, such as the British Dental Association (BDA). Moreover, there are plenty of dental job platforms you can explore online where you can browse through for available dentists jobs. 

At this stage, you should already know the type of dental job that you want to have. Decide whether you want to work at a corporate dental office or private practice. 

2. Get In Touch With Your Network

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Begin by sorting through your dental network when looking for a job in the industry. You can even reach out to your teachers because they have a wide network in private practices. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your local dentists to know about any job openings. 

Widen your network by attending conferences, seminars, workshops, academic, and other dentistry-related events. In doing so, make sure to get the contact numbers of dental supply companies and interact with them. The bigger your network is, the better it is for your dental career. 

3. Deliver Your CV Personally

Dental Talent - What to Know When Looking for Your First Dental Job
Dental Talent - What to Know When Looking for Your First Dental Job 8

If possible, it’s a good idea to personally deliver your CV to dentists, managers, and owners. It’s an opportunity for you to make an excellent first impression and increase your chances of getting called for an interview. 

Before you do so, however, be sure to polish your CV and proofread it as many times as you can. Highlight the critical aspects of your resume and have a cover letter along with it. You can also focus on your abilities and skills that will make you a desirable candidate. 

4. Search and Apply Online

Almost everything can be done on the Internet today, and that includes searching and applying for jobs in the dental field. As mentioned, many platforms contain job openings in the UK. This is why you must research properly to ensure that you’re only using legit platforms to find a job. 

5. Build Your Career

When looking for your first dental job, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a dentist position right away. The first few years should be focused on building your career, which means that you must be open to other opportunities that come your way. Perhaps, you’ll find job openings for writers who specialise in dentistry. You can take this chance to build your portfolio and earn at the same time. 

The truth here is that it’s not easy to find a dentist position right away because of the tight competition in the market. As mentioned, keep an open mind and explore the opportunities that come your way as you take the time to build your knowledge and experience.


As you begin your dental career, be sure to enjoy the journey. Finding your first dental job is exciting and scary at the same time, yet this is an integral part of your life. With the five tips shared above, you can now enjoy the process and face the challenges that come with it. Through this, you will be able to learn and become the dentist that you always want to be. 

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