How to Avoid Burnout as an Associate Dentist

If you’ve spent a few years as an associate dentist, then you’ve probably built up the confidence, skills, and experience needed to build a solid career path in the industry. You’re no longer terrified of seeing patients or carrying out complex procedures, and you’re well aware of all the challenges and rewarding moments that come with your job.

While you should feel like the high performer you are, you may have struggled with bouts of restlessness. You may feel like you’re stuck, even though you know that deep down, you love your job. At some point, you may have felt too tired to report to work even though you’ve spent your weekend doing what you love. If these signs sound familiar to you, then you may be experiencing burnout, as you’ve lost the satisfaction you previously felt in carrying out your role.

Here are four ways to fight the burnout you’re experiencing as an associate dentist:

Identify Your Why

Even though you initially enjoyed your job, you may have lost that spark of joy over the years, causing you to forget why you pursued dentistry in the first place. It may help to identify your why or the reason that brought you to the industry. What is it about being a dentist that was so appealing to you? Is it the community you get to serve, the technology and procedures you get to work with, or is it something else? Reflecting on your why and what used to get you out of bed to report to the clinic is a great way to combat burnout and reorient yourself on the right path.

Get Involved

If you have a lot of fun with your colleagues, you may want to expand your horizons by getting involved with the local dental society. Widening your network will give you access to better professional opportunities while providing you with a strong support system, allowing you to sharpen your skills and improve your expertise by learning from other seasoned dentists.

You can also get involved in the community by engaging in volunteer opportunities that allow you to provide dental care to those who usually cannot afford it. Ask your coworkers about low or no-cost clinics that you can occasionally donate your time and skills to, which can help reinvigorate your passion for dentistry.

Assess Your Clinic’s Processes

Another way to rekindle the flame and avoid burnout is to start looking for more opportunities within your clinic. Measure your stats to find out if you’re performing as efficiently as possible. Assess the health of your clinical and front office systems to identify ways you can improve them and help build a more effective team. Associate dentists have a lot of potential for improving a practice’s day-to-day operations, which is also another opportunity for you to climb the ranks.

Explore New Opportunities

However, sometimes, the reality is that you’ve simply outgrown your role. Burnout is often what happens when a highly motivated person is restricted to a position that doesn’t allow them to grow and thrive. In this situation, you may want to look for other associate dentist jobs in Manchester or browse a job board for dentistry to find more suitable openings that help you learn more and flourish. A change of scenery may be just what you need.


Burnout is a common experience for those who are motivated to do their job well but struggle to do so in their current circumstances. However, by following these tips, you’ll break out of your rut and rediscover what you love so much about being a dentist.

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